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the territorial sea by sovereign member states responsible for search and rescue and investigation; If the high seas,abercrombie online, the country responsible for the search and rescue aircraft registration and investigation, neighboring and interested Member States may provide assistance as a spirit of cooperation. Maritime search and rescue involving a wide range of complex operations,peuterey donna, Member States do what their reaction is determined by the will and laws.ICAO has been noted that the parties concerned in accordance with the organization’s standards to promote Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact search work, multi-beneficial cooperation related work smoothly.Q: passenger plane lost contact with the host country can participate in the accident investigation it?A: aviation accidents in the country travelers have the right to send an expert to participate in the survey. The expert is entitled to view the scene of the accident; countries have the right to contact the investigation after the approval of the relevant facts can be announced materials, as well as information on the progress of the investigation; entitled to a final investigation report.In addition,hogan donna, other countries can help to investigate the incident, the State organizations may be invited to participate in the survey.Q: Much of the information involved in this incident rests in the hands of some commercial organizations, of their obligation to timely disclosure of relevant information about it?A: Private companies need to follow the relevant regulations of the country.Q: search and rescue operations carried out by what principles? The search has specific time-frame it?A: According to the relevant provisions “of the Convention on International Civil Aviation”: “Search and rescue work must be carried out according to the actual situation continues until all the survivors were sent to a safe place or until rescue survivors lose all reasonable hopes up.

does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate your own risk.Enter diMalaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact event search and investigation is continuing,giubbotto moncler, the parties concerned in accordance with ICAO standards also actively promote the related work. So, in accordance with the “International Convention on Civil Aviation”, the investigation of similar incidents, evidence of how it should expand,woolrich prezzi, and how the interests of the families lost contact airliner passenger protection? On these issues, the reporter interviewed the relevant ICAO professionals.ICAO was created in 1944, the existing 191 member states, is headquartered in Montreal,moncler uomo, Canada, as a United Nations specialized agency for aviation safety, security,abercrombie milano, efficiency,giacche peuterey, capacity and environmental protection standards and regulations necessary to develop and promote civil aviation worldwide the safe and orderly development.Q: After the incident Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact with the similar occurrence,abercrombie modelli, usually carried out which party is responsible for search and rescue work?Answer: According to the regulations, “the International Convention on Civil Aviation” in the ICAO Member States registered aircraft accident, the accident occurred belongs to Member States shall be responsible for search and rescue and investigation, the aircraft registration country may send representatives to participate in action and obtain relevant information.If an accident occurs in a territorial waters.

the industry off the hot cargo cold situation had improved,scarpe hogan uomo, freight growth has seen a significant pickup in economic stabilization and recovery combined with a 12-year low base, expects this year’s aviation Freight will be stronger than last year. Data show that, thanks to strong demand for holiday travel and tourism since August international passenger load factor increased dramatically, due to the low base and domestic routes narrowed,abercrombie outlet online, but on the other hand, fare levels decline still evident.Eastern Airlines in July operating data show that passenger demand (RPK) rose 7.85%, the supply (ASK) increased by 11.21%. Freight demand (RFTK) rose 3.35%,peuterey outlet online, the supply (AFTK) grew 13.20%. Some analysts pointed out that the passenger market supply and demand imbalance persists, the second half of the next year capacity growth is still faster,abercrombie e fitch, although the industry has been at historically low valuations,woolrich sito ufficiale, but the trend of turning point has not come, commercial flights and international routes will become the industry recovery catalyst.Sina Financial News October 20, according to New Energy GCL (00451) price explosion rose 14.71%,vestiti hollister, to 3.82 yuan,piumini peuterey, active buying 72%,abercrombie outlet, turnover of about 1767 million shares,hollister abercrombie, involving capital 64.39 million yuan. Takami 3.86 yuan intraday broken roof.Other solar stocks as follows:Shares (number) price ranged——————————GCL (03800) 2.6 yuan rose 1.96%Jun Yang Solar (00397) 0.228 yuan rose 1.33%Joint photovoltaic (00686) 0.87 yuan fell 1.14%(00750) 14.24 yuan fell 0.42%Downwind photovoltaic (01165) 6.97 yuan fell 1.83%—————————— Sina statement: Sina posted this article for more information to pass.


UDIC actively organize relevant material

When the evening newspaper Hanzhong hearing June 27,moncler punti vendita, a nearly seventy years old man riding a bicycle through Hanzhong Hanjiang III bridge, bicycle front wheel planted into a sewer manhole cover without the well,moncler autlet, the old man fell to his death on the spot. Reporters learned that this road more than a similar accident has occurred. Han Zheng III Bridge incident occurred at the direction of the bridge, after the non-motor vehicles crossing the bridge into the approach roads must pass through. 9 o’clock that night,hogan olympia uomo,, reporters rushed to the scene to see,hogan italia, from the bridge to the incident is a downhill section,spaccio moncler milano, and there is a curve. A bicycle wheel Zaijin the roadside mouthful of water wells do not have covers,, an elderly man lying on the pavement in front of the next wells, the elderly head of a large pool of blood on the ground is located. 120 emergency personnel who heard through on-site diagnosis, confirm that the elderly have died. Meanwhile,,vendita scarpe hogan, the police rushed to the scene after receiving a large Hekan Hanzhong City Public Security Bureau of Interpol team,hogan vendita on line, patrol teams and the police station after the scene,, that this is an accident fatalities. It is big Hekan Branch police,moncler outlet, the deceased surnamed Wu, 68-year-old, who lives in Hanzhong city Lianhu Road, is Hanzhong Hanjiang Machine Forging Plant retired workers, around 8:50 that evening,hogan donna interactive, Wu old man riding a bicycle from the direction Hantai District Over the bridge, falling under the front wheel wells,vendita hogan online, resulting fell unfortunately killed on the spot.

According to the accident site near the masses to reporters reflect lower wells Bridge Approach Road Nanzheng segment covers both sides of the prolonged absence, coupled with this section of street light does not shine,hogan interactive 2012, the people here falls more than an accident has occurred,hogan saldi, there has been no one to manage. This section of the sanitation workers cleaning and nearby traffic police on duty that is indeed the case. Reporters at the scene counted on both sides of the road there are no more than 40 wells under the covers.

Yesterday,outlet hogan originali, the reporter interviewed Nanzheng County Housing Construction Bureau staff. A cadre of Housing Authority office, told reporters after the bridge opened to traffic, Hanzhong City Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as City investment company) is not the approach to the bridge Nanzheng segment transferred to them,hogan rebel, and they repeatedly on the county , while the county to fight ShangXi report,hogan interactive 2013, please UDIC handed to them. Meanwhile, Nanzheng County municipal gardens management office staff also said that as this road has no units and personnel for maintenance and management and protection,hogan outlet, often causing accidents, falls incident, they repeatedly sent to the City Investment Company Contact transfer matters but ultimately to no avail.

UDIC Office speaking to reporters,hogan scarpe, September 18,, 2009, Hanzhong Municipal clear thematic studies and the time after the transfer of management of content, UDIC actively organize relevant material, due to the transfer of material involving many aspects, now largely just after finishing. However, the bridge is September 30,hogan scontate,, 2007 was opened to traffic on the main approach roads on both sides of the bridge maintenance,scarpe hogan uomo, annual gave Nanzheng County and Hantai District allocated costs. Some time ago there was a similar incident, Nanzheng side also took out a few thousand dollars to the victim looked sick. In addition,,scarpe hogan donna outlet,, the side of the Han River Bridge section of the table maintenance are good, while the other side of Nanzheng segment manhole lost no one to maintain.

Press time reporter learned that the person responsible for the management of the municipal gardens Nanzheng County and City investment company yesterday consultation UDIC recently also prepared to go through formal transfer procedures. Text / Chart reporter Zhang Song

He Xiangrong

April and May of this year, once the incomparable scenery of Shenzhen Kang Ye International Group Chairman Wang Siwei,, president how others did not think that a woman in Rugao Wu MLM home checked,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, actually makes this so-called “coming in the United States Salinas Nasdaq and the domestic A-share listed “,” international investment consortium of international favor for Mary E “,” high-tech diversification “of large companies,hogan da uomo, Jingru general dominoes fall ……

Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau in strong support, Rugao police after three months of careful investigation, to identify “Kang Ye International Holding Group Co., Ltd.” Sales of electronic equity activities through the “E Ma International” website launched by the Department of a downright MLM scam. Recently, Rugao City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation battalion Guanchun Sea details the case of this terrible Network MLM context,sito ufficiale hogan, has identified “E Ma International” funds involved 106 million yuan, involving members of 3401 people, across all except Tibet provinces, MLM staff level up to 42 layers, Rugao police officers involved in the case in order to clarify the relationship between the network and draw a chart on up to 11 meters. Currently, the backbone of the full arrest, where Wang Siwei, four people were prosecutors with organizing and leading MLM crime activity arrest, and another four were released on bail.

Promise to materialistic “bait” attractive

International consortium IPO + + various electronic currency dividend

Wu Yun (pseudonym), 42 years old this year, who lives in Rugao county, in the past had an active part in MLM activities are included in the “high-risk personnel MLM local nationals” Rugao police. Early May of this year, Rugao City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade received a report, together with others, Wu Yun often found in coffee shops, teahouses and other places, openly peddling “E Ma International” original stake. Different from traditional MLM model,scarpe hogan interactive, “E Ma International” has no real physical goods to sell, but the company is an international advocate investment consortium, Industrial prospects in the country holding the seductive, coming soon,, people will buy the original equity night riches.

Rugao City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team found that, “E Ma International” have openly company website, the acceptance of members ‘invest’ original stake. Membership into “a star” to “Super Crown Class” A total of seven, one-time investment amount is also divided into 7000-350000 yuan range. New Members to the “on line” Referrals to pay 7000 yuan, equivalent to $ 1,000 can be obtained “electronic money” in the “E Ma International” website electronic accounts. Each member of the development of an “on-line” will receive 8-10% of “straight recommended Award”, as well as touch on the prize earnings, algebra awards, bonus awards, promotions, and other numerous awards.

Rugao City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade in conjunction with the business sector of the early Wu Yun alleged pyramid scheme investigation, and in mid-May to Wu Yun arrested. Wu Yun confession, February to May this year, she was “E Ma international” headquarters appointed as regional director of Rugao, rely on the Internet to sell “E Ma International” in the name of the original stake, just three months, the development of more than 100 direct sales personnel and 160 registered members, to absorb more than 250 million. Wu Yun, a person can only absorb so much illegal money, this is certainly a large-scale pyramid gang, amazing funds involved! Rugao reported the case to the police immediately. Rugao City Vice Mayor, City Public Security Bureau Du Songhua mobilization of elite police force, fully cracked the case.

Financial “predators” glossy packaging

MLM fugitives “change” International Group company CEOs

Task force progress. Before and after the Spring Festival this year, Wu Yun previously engaged in direct sales by people who know the “E Ma International,” the actual person responsible for , et al. “E Ma International” is said to be an American consortium, invested entity in China’s Shenzhen Kang Ye International Group, chairman, president.

judge panel,hogan rebel outlet,, who should be pyramid schemes,hogan prezzi, “veteran”,moncler originali, the query fugitives nationwide repository of information found in Anhui membership last year was suspected pyramid schemes, Henan police were fugitives online. Only junior high school culture,, Wang Siwei, Henan escape police attention, went to Shenzhen to return to prostitution.

Guangdong local and network publicity, Kang Ye International Group glamorous seductive: four years ago, Kang Ye International from a high starting point, high positioning of Commerce membership club company, has evolved into now in 3D,calzature hogan, real estate, hotels and other areas steadily ahead The international group of companies …… Kang Ye shares April 1, 2011 officially RHTSE hosted listed three new board is expected to be submitted to China Securities Regulatory Commission for approval before the end of 2012, will be in hot pursuit of the capital markets.

However, these propaganda, hard to find, chairman Wang Siwei’s name and related information. Group leaders before the public spotlight, are the tall tall, smiling Chief Executive Officer He Xiangrong. He Xiangrong,,giubbotto donna moncler, 39, high school education, Xiantao City people. April 10 this year, Kang Ye Group had in Dongguan Exhibition Center Hotel held “Kang Ye shares listed on the Shenzhen RHTSE successfully hosted” The Cocktail Party, He Xiangrong spot donated 1 million yuan to a student Foundation. Task force to identify, Kang Ye international club, Kang Ye Investment Co.,negozio hogan, Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Kang Ye International Holding Group 3 enterprises were newly registered in February this year, the sources of funds are sold “E Ma International” virtual original Option obtained. Wang Siwei spend 700,000 yuan to buy a high-tech concept Shenzhen “shell company” and inflated to 23 million yuan of registered capital, so as to achieve listed in Shenzhen RHTSE hosting purposes.

Known assets over 10 billion dollars in “E Ma International Investment Management Limited,” and also spent 5000 yuan Wang Siwei, please intermediaries registered in the United States, no office space, no actual business, no capital investment, is a downright shell companies.

“Tiantangzhai event” began to catch the big screen

MLM leaders arrested in Hefei “Awards” on

Previously had issued a circular on the site, claiming that May 23 will be in Swan Lake Hotel Hefei launch ceremony organized a major project awards for the E Ma elite international electronic equity sales awards around the country,, they get ranked by Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, BMW cars, JAC sedan or Samsung laptop.

Wang Siwei To prevent exposure,moncler baby, decided May 24 went to Hefei. But he did not enter the venue, but mixed in with more than 1,000 members in Jinzhai County, Anhui visit Tiantangzhai tourist scenic spot.

At the moment, has to find out the whereabouts of Wang Siwei task force has traveled to arrest him on the road. In jinzhai police assistance,hogan olympia uomo, the number one suspect first entered the Scenic Hotel was secretly arrested. At this point, “E Ma International” website and the online trading platform closed again.

After was arrested, leaving several MLM leaders not only did not stop there,giubbotti moncler outlet, but continued to organization, leadership pyramid schemes. The very next day after his arrest, He Xiangrong, Xu Huai et al to nephew Wang Fang (a pseudonym) to the “E Ma International” The new website address, and financed 60000, please Shenzhen,moncler online italia, a company on the web forum Elimination of “E Ma International” MLM unfavorable information. Police later learned that cunning extreme before being arrested, put the new website URL and later handed over to the king of marketing plans and cronies Xu Huai Fang et al.

Find out the “E Ma international” mode of operation and personnel structure, the task force deployed more than 30 police were divided into five groups, went to Guangdong,hogan milano, Anhui, Henan and other places of rest to carry out arrests. May 30, “E Ma International” as well as the Chief Executive Officer He Xiangrong Xu Huai arrested in Hefei. Wang Fang and “E Ma International MLM first person” Gumou have fled Nantong, quickly arrested. At this point,, “E Ma International” website and the online trading platform to completely shut down.

“Anatomy” MLM organization

16,000 yuan

Rent four offshore servers

After the “E Ma International” MLM leaders arrested several large organizations,moncler punti vendita, Rugao police policy hearts and minds, open breach Wang Fang from there, successfully mastered the “E Ma International” website and electronic equity sales program creator Jeong’s contact information. July 26, Jeong arrested in Guangzhou.

Originally, hired Jeong designed “E Ma International” electronic equity sales program, and spent 16,000 yuan rented the United States, South Korea and Hong Kong,outlet moncler, a total of four three telecommunications servers, open “E Ma International” website on the internet abroad . This year February 27, electronic equity sales program on the site of trial operation, March 6 official carrier. Since then, Wang Siwei, He Xiangrong, Xu Huai, et al Gumou growing downline members,, three months attract more than billion.


Membership is divided into seven grades

By Jeong computer,hogan donna 2013, the police get all the background information that network marketing organization of equity trading system, found to have 3401 members registered membership is divided into 42 layers from bottom to top, the number of members by one-time investment sub-7 levels, which a star member of 1988 people, 372 people capella membership Samsung 775 members, 199 Gold, Diamond,hogan donna offerte, 11, Crown 51 members, five members of the Super Crown, the higher the level of members enjoy the rewards are more generous.

More than 10 million

Police also received a notice of remittances

According to this pyramid design, members or continue to invest,scarpe hogan prezzi, either growing downline members, in order to enhance membership levels, the so-called profit was just “E Ma International” site manager allocated to them as a virtual currency. In order to attract members to invest, “E Ma International” claiming that sales of the elite ranking obtained by Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, BMW cars, JAC sedan or Samsung laptop.

Surprising yes, Rugao an fooled May 23 after receiving notification by the Police are still trying to “invest” in one day consecutive to “E Ma international” invested more than 10 million accounts, deceived the total amount of up to more than 30 million, as is striving to become the elite sales, get car incentives. “E Ma international” confuse the impact so far-reaching, it is puzzling.

Deputy Mayor of Rugao City Public Security Bureau , said that the large network of prominent cases the modus operandi of the new, confusing and strong, serious harm. Successfully cracked the case, once again showed that the police crackdown on pyramid schemes always vigorous and resolute attitude, practical action to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of ordinary people. Currently, the case is still pending.

Correspondent Guo Xiaoping Wang Hailong Gong Li

Newspaper reporters at Aviva

“Intersection camera there

Reporters interviewed found that more than 40, police said nearly a month to receive 13 cases reported

Thieves steal most of the night, the night had even stolen five

Thieves burglary was unconscious, the villagers panic, rumors thieves used Ecstasy

An new police said suspected people who commit crimes, is working with the police cracked Xu water

Recently, some users posted it in a new post, said Ann, a nearby village, “Ann Baoding County Township Village by village, wangzhuang continuous occurrence, such as burglary,hogan saldi, robbery, three or four dozen plays! Useful Ecstasy,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, others brazenly holding machetes enter someone’s home. ”

Du reporter interviewed found that theft involves increasing Zhuang, Wang Zhuang, Sanhe Village,, Young Mengzhuang four villages, two months from each village has more than 10, a total of more than 40 plays. An new Police said the September 20 date, only 110 received a 13 from the desk report. Most of the night thieves burglary, while some villagers unconscious suspect that they have been used Ecstasy. Some villagers said, afraid to sleep at night, afraid to go out during the day for fear of being thieves at home patronize. In this regard, the new police said Ann, who commit crimes suspect, is working with Xu water police cooperation detected.

Hebei Urban Network reporter trainee reporter Liu Yuheng Zhu Hong Park intern Wei Yanan text / Chart

Wangzhuang: money under his pillow, was stolen during the night to sleep

October 8 13 am, reporters came to the king of the new county Walled Village Township. In the village, Du reporter inquired stolen people’s address, the villagers are very alert and kept asking, “You do?”

When he learned the identity of reporters, the villagers have to complain. The village has a number of households is stolen, the reporter interviewed found that Wang Village, not only in the main intersection cameras are installed, how villagers family also installed a monitor at their own expense.

“Intersection camera there, why their home should install it?” The reporter asked.

“Fangzei chanting, recently thief too rampant,” a villager said. Last night, he heard a dog barking, hurry up and go see what did not, but still my heart is not practical, all night,,moncler online store, staring at the monitor until four o’clock.

Wang Wang village security officer, said in the past two months,hogan uomo outlet, the village has a dozen stolen, stolen items including cash, cell phones,scarpe hogan scontate, electric cars and so on. The largest one, stolen 3,outlet hogan on line,000 yuan in cash and a cell phone, a minimum of only 16 yuan.

Villager Wang Peng (pseudonym) said that about a month ago, he woke up in the morning and found the house was turned upside down, clothes were thrown in the yard,hogan scarpe donna, 3,000 yuan in cash under their pillows and a cell phone were missing.

“I put the money under the pillow, actually gone,” Peng was surprised, he suspected that he was drugged with a, “or I will not sleep so dead.” That night, there are three families wangzhuang theft, three The villagers neither aware of, they are also suspected of being drugged with a.

Most villagers are angry, about two weeks ago, thieves went to the village,hogan outlet milano, a barber shop theft, actually still in people’s bedroom stool. On the same night, also left behind a kitchen knife and a dagger in another village home.

“Now we really can not sleep at night, afraid to go out during the day, for fear that the family is a thief patronizing”, many villagers said, I hope the police solve the case as soon as possible.

By Zhuang: daytime portable machete housebreaking

Subsequently, the reporter came by Du Village,, according to the villagers, the village also recently frequent cases of theft,scarpe uomo hogan, according to statistics there are more than 10 plays,, always quiet village thus panic. It is understood that, with the nearby wangzhuang different,moncler spaccio online, the village has several thefts occur during the day,sito ufficiale moncler, but all with knives.

Stolen villagers Ling Changan said the collision that occurred about at 9:20 on September 20. “They opened a white modern Reina, see the license plate number,scarpe hogan on line, about four or five people.”

“In the morning, more than nine people at home are out, the door was locked. My uncle came to our house and found the door locked to keep knocking at the door, thinking that someone at home,, the results coming out of four people who threatened him with a knife, not allowed to say out, and then on the car and fled. “Ling Changan son said.

daughter, said after hearing the news that they found the house to be mess, lost more than a thousand dollars in cash and necklaces, rings and other precious jewelry arrived at home.

After the incident, they called the police, the police came to know the specific circumstances and the stolen items were registered.

Stolen by another person in the home village. Ms. Yang said, her husband the night shift on August 24, remaining at home with her eight-month-old baby person. Because just covered the house,scarpe hogan uomo 2013, the yard has not installed the door, the thief to enter into the yard, jumping window into the house.

“Probably the night two more children to nurse, I suddenly found someone bed,hogan rebel, scared I screamed and he single-handedly grabbed my neck with a knife in one hand and arrived on my shoulder, so I do not cry and say there is a knife in his hand and I was too frightened to say anything, only tightly around the child. “Ms. Yang said fear.

She also told reporters, because just covered the house, the family had no money, only his pants pocket 15 dollars, which they took, pants are still in the yard, but it was raining that night, they also took a handful of umbrella.

After ten minutes,scarpe online hogan, it is estimated the thieves away, Ms. Yang was crying together. But to Ms. Yang did not expect was that the thieves even then opened the bedroom curtains, looked toward the house,scarpe hogan outlet shop, scared Yang immediately stopped crying. “I was at home with their feet to call people on the phone,hogan elective, so scared I could not hold both trembling child, and now have to often go to the hospital to see a doctor.”

Young Mengzhuang, Sanhe Village: Stolen forty-five night,hogan donne 2013, the old couple lost six dollars

Yang Meng Village, the reporter learned from the villagers at the stolen village households are relatively quiet place, usually in the village of radiation monitoring equipment are less. “Last week my son home is stolen,, lost more than two thousand dollars.” One villager said to Du reporters.

“Now a lot of family in the village was stolen, allegedly by a drugged them, went into the bedroom to come out of other people’s clothes.” When talking about the village pass the hubbub of the “drugged”, another villager mysteriously said.

Village Director Mr. Meng told reporters Du Yang Meng Village four thousand people, more than thirteen hundred households, these days there are about a dozen households stolen. Only the 6th one had five stolen the night, as many as three thousand dollars, at least a pair of 70-year-old man was stolen pants pocket only six dollars, the next morning old man found himself in the courtyard of clothes.

Mr. Meng also said that the village has a main intersection monitoring equipment,, but the location of the incident is generally relatively secluded place. In the village office, the reporter saw the village at nine intersections equipped with monitoring equipment, but there are five or bad, on the reporter to the village director to understand the situation, when they broke down a monitoring device, only under 3 can be used.

The neighboring Sanhe Village, also occurred in the same burglary cases. According Sanhe village party secretary, said the village in April there had been stolen during the day there are four or five events, while nearly two weeks ago, burglary incidents occur frequently, there is a report of sixty-seven, count did not report , a total of more than a dozen, the amount lost in the thousand or so,, there is loss of electric bicycle batteries, jewelry, etc..

The new county public security bureau: suspected people who commit crimes, is working with the police cracked Xu water

9,moncler punti vendita, 9 am, Du Reporter new county public security bureau in the political department learned Walled Township regarding burglaries occur frequently, alarm Houzhai Township police and Interpol three squadrons has been investigated, initially suspected to be people who commit crimes, Xu water in the adjacent territory also found similar cases, has made contact and Xushui vice squad, conduct joint investigations.

According to the relevant person in charge, since September 20, only 110 desk, on the Village Township burglary alarm 13 cases from a total of stolen property involving cash, jewelry and electric bicycle batteries and so on.

Follow-up: really drugged it?

For something to be used drugged villagers reflected. October 9 morning, the reporter interviewed Baoding First Central Hospital of Ding Yanling, director of anesthesiology. She told Du reporter, I just heard the bad guys put drugged spray in your hand, cover your mouth when people commit crimes,hogan rebel uomo outlet, people smoked halo took a few seconds to do, in fact do not know what this thing is also not seen.

“For this drugged anesthesia legends, I doubt, because anesthesia professionals in medicine, there is no anesthetic so advanced in medicine, drugged and is known anesthetic, an intravenous injection, One is inhaled, but the inhaled anesthetic To achieve the anesthetic effect, first requires concentration, a second auxiliary require anesthesia machine, anesthesia machine through the pipeline, the mask will be high concentrations of anesthetic to the patient, but also to 1- 2 minutes of the auxiliary time, patients can enter anesthesia. “she said.

For the villagers famous “drugged” issue, Ann new Public Security Bureau official said, did not find a similar case.

” company to find him

Boxes of white fungus and fungus,moncler online outlet, code on every corner of the three-bedroom. Leaned fine smell,, fragrant. “This is a mountain of taste.” Ma Yongsheng from the mountains,, has a special affection for sundries.

By the end of 2012 after graduating from university, Ma Yongsheng opened a Taobao shop selling sundries. Graduation entrepreneurship,scarpe online hogan, Ma Yongsheng think they are not impulsive. “My character is not fit to be law-abiding commuters,, I have my own way.”

Today, his shop has annual sales of nearly one million.

Since the resignation of open shop


Father would not let home for the holiday

Tongjiang County is located in the mountains of northern Sichuan Province,vendita scarpe hogan, is a national poverty counties. Ma Yongsheng County, the poorest of the poor from the village – Victory Township,hogan olympia, Fangcheng village. In the village, high school students have been considered “intellectuals”,scarpe hogan scontate, college is only a few years. Whose children go to college, the village people will come to congratulate, complacent “talent.”

Ma Yongsheng year when admitted to China University of Political Science, described the village sensation. The village people say,, “Ma out of the lifts,” finds that he finished prestigious universities in Beijing,outlet moncler online italia, the future rich is expensive. Ma Yongsheng father believes his son will soon be out of the “farm gate”,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, as holding “golden rice bowl” of national cadres.

But let family shocked that Ma Yongsheng actually decided to open shop selling sundries. “When farmers sell sundries with what’s the difference? Vain I worked hard for you to go to college!” Ruthless father’s phrase, let Ma Yongsheng heart.

But Ma Yongsheng mind to go. At that time,prezzo hogan, he had just graduated a few months, it has already tried several jobs, reporter, editor, copywriter …… frequent job-hopping,sito hogan, meager salary. Later, a former white-collar workers,offerte hogan, more than 50 million years into the vegetables sister, gave Ma Yongsheng selling sundries inspiration. “Kaoshanchishan, I’ll open shop selling souvenirs!”

Went ahead. Ma Yongsheng quit his job and started his hometown friend asked acquired Tongjiang County sundries. But start-up capital stumped him: purchase, shipping, shop design, the less have million. He told his father, “help”, the father vexation. Tajima also worried about his son unhappy bad parent body, or patchwork, sinks to his son 10,000 yuan.

Ma father felt his son was selling sundries inevitable joke neighborhood, call the “Proposal” son not to go home for the holiday. Thus, in February 2013, the first after the Spring Festival Ma Yongsheng graduation, he was alone in Chengdu,spaccio piumini, less than 20 square meters of rental suburbs spent, mood swings to the freezing point.

Brush popularity once fraud


Transaction brutally cleared

Lack of funds, Ma Yongsheng can design their own shop. His busy day and night, the house gradually filled with boxes of goods. “In addition to the bed is the goods, insert foot is immune.” Small rental is Ma Yongsheng dream departure place. March 2013, he opened a shop.

But business is not as easy as imagined shop. Opened for several days, his shop has been nobody cares. How to attract popular? He thought of the students, they began to publish information on the store’s various social platforms. Soon, Ma Yongsheng received orders from classmates. “The students come to me for help are holding popularity, received goods immediately give praise.”

However, old acquaintances do business, not a permanent solution. Ma Yongsheng at the computer, “ages”, finally, etc. to the first real customer. Ma Yongsheng enthusiastically introduced to customers,, sold a few packs of white fungus and fungus.

“There is a there is two, and since then the customer is getting more.” Soon, Ma Yongsheng business step on the right track, with sales from the beginning of the month one thousand pieces, up to a couple of thousand dollars. But in the same shop,–2014–14685.htm, the Ma Yongsheng store sales ranking is still very on the list. December 2013, a “Taobao brush drill,” company to find him, saying that they could help him by way of increasing the carrying amount of the transaction amount, “brush drill save popularity.”

Despite knowing that fraud,moncler official online shop, but Ma Yongsheng could not resist the temptation. He spent nearly a thousand dollars, allow themselves to be a high turnover, high credit seller. However, not long after he was pulled Taobao supervisors out. All transactions are cleared, all goods involving fraudulent transactions are forced off the shelf. “Real transaction before it is cleared, the shelves of merchandise only three,hogan online, was almost going to give up.” Then Ma Yongsheng, repentant.

Paul learned to meticulous quality


Shanhuo can still tall on

Transaction is cleared, this year’s Ma Yongsheng painstaking efforts, it is too cruel. “Eat a cutting wisdom, chose this road, go anyway.” Since Ma Yongsheng also recognized that: “integrity and quality are the most important.”

In order to “strict quality control,” Ma Yongsheng not miss all the details from procurement to delivery. Annual honey harvest is around Chung,hogan timeactive, Ma Yongsheng will acquire honey from house to house and personally test the quality. “From the filter to the barrels, I stared at the scene, also using a mobile phone video, ensure that no adulterated honey.” So, honey, fungus and other sundries shop Ma Yongsheng become “high-quality products.”

Because inexpensive, Ma Yongsheng won a lot of repeat customers, and his shop again amassed a good credit and considerable turnover. “While selling sundries ‘earth’, but as long as the quality is guaranteed,hogan bambino outlet, still selling pretty.” In June this year, the shop’s monthly sales have reached more than 80,000 yuan.

Ma Yongsheng rented a new warehouse in Chengdu,moncler outlet roma, and hired a big sister when the administrator. After Tongjiang County local government matchmaking, several fungus Cooperatives and Ma Yongsheng county established a relationship. “Sources do not worry, but also to pay attention to quality.” Every white fungus, the fungus arrived, Ma Yongsheng will pick a flower, trim, got a not sloppy.

Dozens of transactions every day, let Ma Yongsheng a little busy here. September of this year,, his parents came to Chengdu, see son business is booming, offered to stay “working.” At this point the horse Father, son still can not get the issue of selling sundries. But seeing his son devotion, he is not good then opposition.

The rapid expansion of sales volume, so Ma Yongsheng hi school students worry. “After the amount of goods to be procured will be doubled doubled, I’m afraid I have no energy all the meticulous examination.” He decided to purchase the former staff temporarily limited trading,vendita moncler online, only 50 pens every day to ensure the details.

Fortunately,stock moncler, Tongjiang County of white fungus, fungus and other sundries, and now has a reputation. “The local cooperatives have checks on product quality,outlet piumini moncler, work with them save a lot of power.” Ma Yongsheng intends to continue to develop sources, Ningxia wolfberry, northern Shaanxi noodles and other sundries, has been included in the next plan. “High-quality mountain products helped out of the mountains,scarpe modello hogan, but also knowledge,, Who says we can not sell sundries ‘tall on’?”

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but from the hull of view, you can still see the gap between China and the world’s advanced level.Our current stage of development to solve the problem, or full burning iron wheel propulsion, shock absorption, noise reduction, maintaining high availability platform hull and reliability problems. These issues are military 30 years ago, or even 40 years ago, met and resolved.Today, America’s medium-sized surface ships outstanding technical features have been transferred to the high-speed surface ships, such as the Littoral Combat Ship,abercrombie e fitch, has been transferred to the jet propulsion, all-electric propulsion, this and the problems currently facing our country is still forming a gap. Not only is the problem of the existence of such naval warships,air max pas cher pour homme, aircraft as well. Our four generations of machines has come out,moncler homme coats, first flight is being rapidly developed,scarpe hogan uomo, while the United States has come out with the generation fighter in the early nineties. Contrast technology in all areas of weaponry, had to admit that the gap of more than 30 years of our existence and the United States.Thus,hollister abercrombie, by the advent of Ford aircraft carrier,nike air max, the first to see our country in the current modernization of national defense and the world’s advanced level in the distance. Seen to have a certain distance, while a sense of crisis, to escort economic development, to safeguard national sovereignty and interests, the interests of peace to the world peace, contributing to the region.The sense of crisis was turned into a power forward in the modernization of the armed forces long way to goField of defense and the modernization of our country should always be full of “sense of crisis”.

to deal with China Marine Surveillance a propeller aircraft. On the same day,zanotti pas cher, Chinese Defense Ministry confirmed on the 10th China has two “J-10″ aircraft flying near the Diaoyu Islands, because the Chinese normal patrol aircraft was close to the Japanese track. The atmosphere began over the Diaoyu Islands,abercrombie roma, “suffocating.” Russian media said that Asia want peace,scarpe hogan outlet, but the preparations are being made for the war. Strong expression of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the 11th of this expected magnified. He said that the Diaoyu Islands issue, “there is no room for negotiation of.” Chinese scholar Feng Zhaokui on the “Global Times” said that this has become a Japanese right-wing recognized “house rules.” At the same time,giuseppe zanotti femmes, Abe of “low profile” and “values” to the presence of other neighboring islands dispute with Japan Korea shows good. This is considered Abe encirclement of China to build a ring,echarpes abercrombie and fitch, the greater part of next week will be trying to accomplish in his visit to the three countries in Southeast Asia. British “Financial Times” commented that historical grievances,hogan donna, the reality of conflicting interests and decision-making process of “garbage” so that the situation in Northeast Asia has never been so frightening. Yesterday and the day before the Japanese media reported that the two countries have a large number of military confrontation in the Diaoyu Islands airspace news that the two countries move closer to “the brink” of analysis more and more.[Newspaper in Thailand, Japan, France, Germany Independent freelance reporter Han Shuo Sun Xiuping Li Zhen Yang Mingqing wood � � Designate the reporter Liu Yang Tao Zhen Xiang](Original title: Sino-Japanese war accused of preparing for the suffocating atmosphere of the DiaoyuPeople Wuhan on September 29 electricity (Yanzhen Gang) After upgrading.

Wuchang central historical displays and farmers say the former residence of Mao basic display today officially opened.Wuchang Central peasant movement memorial site located in Wuchang in Wuhan Jiefang Red Lane, completion and opening in 1963, Zhou Enlai wrote the museum name. July 2013, Wuchang Central farmers say the memorial site of the former residence of Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and upgrading basic display start.Wuchang Central Peasant Movement Institute is the first KMT-CPC cooperation, Mao Zedong personally initiated and chaired by the Peasant Movement cadre school KMT and co-founder of a culture. By the end of 1926 to begin preparations for 1927 semester. Students from the time the country 17 provinces, a total of more than 800 people. Peasant farmers cultivate the number of outstanding transport backbone.

there is a sense of crisis will generate power. In evaluating the modernization of national defense construction in China,air max pas cher pour homme, not only to see the achievements, even though these achievements make people proud and excited,hollister milano, but also to see the deficiencies and gaps in our existence. Only moments filled with a sense of crisis,nike air max femme, we can effectively and effectively promote the modernization of national defense,shorts abercrombie and fitch, the military.For Chinese people, the Chinese army,air max femme, defense modernization is still long way to go. Blind meet the status quo is very dangerous, and only recognizes external military pressure and threats and of the environment, in order to have a clear understanding of, and focus on building the strength to accelerate the modernization of national defense forces, to better achieve the Chinese dream,hollister france, for China’s future development escort. Japanese warplanes again on the 11th.


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amplitude-government sector Guizhou Province will no longer buy their own servers,piumini moncler nuovo donna, switches, storage and other hardware devices, no longer self-built room, unified government data saved to the “cloud Guizhou” system platform. As “the cloud Guizhou” provided technical support.Guizhou Province Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director Ning-Yu Ma pointed out that for the purposes of Guizhou Province, select industry is the development of large data such circumstances,hollister e co, because Guizhou facing great pressure on industrial restructuring. “Guizhou Province, Guizhou industrial past is the contribution of a large provincial energy resources, energy and other traditional industries in more than 60%, but the ecological increasingly demanding,doudoune moncler enfant garcons, Guizhou need to transition.”In order to promote the construction of this cloud platform.

the future on the cloud platform,nike free run, Guizhou, Guizhou Province, data transport, tourism,nike air max, industry, food security, e-commerce,abercrombie chaussons, e-government and other seven areas, you can use market-based mechanisms to achieve exchange transactions.And in accordance with the long-term planning, to 2017,air max pas cher femme, “the cloud Guizhou” system platform for the provision of services,felpe hollister, gathering about 500 value-added data services company, through large-scale data related industries reached 300 billion yuan. (LBEIJING, Dec. 9,air max 90, according to Japan Xinhua China Press news report,abercrombie hoodies, recently,echarpes abercrombie and fitch, a survey report Bank of Japan Kansai Branch released, Asian tourists from China and South Korea favored by low-cost carriers in Japan to travel, travel savings for shopping or sample the local cuisine in the residence.According to Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” message, December 3,moncler femme vests, Bank of Japan Kansai Branch issued a low-cost airline (LCC) related survey reports. Survey results showed that among visitors from Asian countries, 76.7 percent of people want to take advantage of cheap airline. This is where a lot of tourists, said shopping by saving them travel in tourist areas. As the new Kansai National Airport Corporation to attract low-cost airlines to join, so interested in the proportion of foreign tourists visiting Japan than the average of all proportion (73.6%).On the use of low-cost airlines to use the money saved, visitors were “for their increased shopping” and “prolonged residence time in the day,” the answer came under scrutiny. About Osaka tourism purposes, the answer is “eat Japanese food,” the number of tourists accounted for 67.

Germany, October ZEW economic sentiment index fell to negative for the first time in two years, the German government cut its economic growth forecast,moncler homme vests, Fitch warned, France is likely to cut its credit rating. Although the euro zone inflation rate of 0.3% in September, in line with market expectations, but Greece, Italy,barbour femme, Slovenia and Spain due to sustained demand for property inhibited September average deflation. These have exacerbated the global economic growth concerns.Operating strategy today: Technically, the overall trend of the exchange rate from the current point of view, below the rising trend line after Withdrawing movements, exchange rate shocks form a clear pattern, but no major focus on the fundamentals of risk events, market volatility is expected to be continue for some time,barbour homme, the general direction of the euro or to the downside, so days of aggressive investors can short rallies, points on short near 1.2780, stop 1.2810, target 1.2700. Sina statement: Sina posted this article for more information to pass.

does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate your own risk.SAN FRANCISCO, October 20 morning news, in the 16 to 17 October, 2014 Ali Cloud Developer Conference held in Hangzhou, the “cloud Guizhou” has become the focus of attention. Guizhou Province Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director Ning-Yu Ma interview, and explains why the focus on the development of Guizhou big data industry.”Guizhou cloud” platform Guizhou provincial government to promote the government data resource integration, sharing, open and use to promote the big data industry, cloud computing infrastructure built independently. With this platform formally launched operations.

Guizhou,tn, Ning-Yu Ma said, Guizhou put big data as a strategic choice, established a governor as head of the leading group,christian louboutin pas cher, to promote the “cloud Guizhou” development.Ning-Yu Ma said that big data to the government innovation brought imagination. For example, he said, such as real-time data traffic, before the holiday travel orders, can be used to provide decision support for the area and even security, etc. Another example is in the area of � ood safety, government,giuseppe zanotti femmes, business, society and individuals can share and use data and user bring better security products.According to reports.


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because when go to the supermarket shopping,hollister abercrombie, a lot of supermarket shopping carts must be inserted into a coin to move, then return it to the original place after the coins in order from the shopping stroller launch in order to ensure that things go carts in situ. So based on this case, go out and buy something, who must take one or two coins,hogan outlet, to prepare for contingencies.Although subway ticket vending machines in Australia both closed notes, also received a coin, but most people still prefer to cast coins. Because no matter how much you denomination banknotes stuffed into it, when the change falls out of all coins.& Gt; & gt; Japan: Coin widely usedChinese living in Japan, Huang Xueqing found that most Japanese have a special place coin purse place.Japan now has six coins in circulation,hogan rebel, namely 1 yen,bottes christian louboutin, 5 yen, 10 yen,air max pas cher enfant, 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen, after that one thousand yen banknotes,moncler echarpe, and coins are in use in Japan widespread, public telephones, vending machines, public lockers, etc., although it can also pay using IC cards and mobile phones, but with a coin or principal payment. Prices of many commodities have a fraction of Japan, such as 198 yen, 248 yen this price, with cash payments need to have coins, perhaps because Japan is now a 5% consumption tax, is not easy to commodity prices in the after-tax are defined as integers.Japanese people are very accustomed to using coins from sales in Japan can be seen wallet, purse, most people use have zero purse.

the key is when the exercise can not be done from hard strict, starting from the actual combat, while training can not be done “as war training” really grasping training,tn soldes, after participating in diverse military tasks can not adequately summarize, timely reforms. From this perspective, establish a “winning first crackdown, to win the first realistic, governance training to rule is true, is not looking for war,” the idea, and personally,scarpe hogan outlet, may be more important than the presence or absence of practical experience, which is the current central government and the Central Military Commission emphasis on strengthening and improving the proper meaning of style building.Of course, the lack of actual harm exists, after all, its biggest drawbacks is the “war far away, remember, peace for a long time, not up tight, see less blood, do not worry about it” and then appeared afraid when thinking hard training, body afraid of hard inert problem, when to tackle tough reforms tied to the interests of the determination of the resistance problem contradictions, lack of development when building sit still, can not afford, not dragging sense of the problem, these problems is perhaps the lack of combat bring the most terrible consequences, we must resolutely vigilant, and must be resolutely overcome.CNR network Beijing December 13, according to Voice of China “Global Chinese Radio Network” reported recently.

even chose no coin pocket wallet, another will carry a separate coin pocket. Otherwise, buying things,abercrombie vestes, to install a lot of pockets jingling coins. In Japan, some commodity prices low, with a low amount of coins can be purchased, such as children’s snack 5 yen, 10 yen.5 yen in Japan have special significance, because the 5 yen of Japanese pronunciation and the “fate” of the “edge” the same,air max pas cher pour femme, so a lot of people go to the temple when they are cast Wish Coin 5 yen, someone will use five yen do decoration.& Gt; & gt; U.S.: Most people do not love coinsMany Americans once careless habits will change coins readily thrown coffee cans, ashtrays, cigar boxes, drawers, coconut shells and even trash. Phoenix TV reporter in New York, said: “After? 9 11″ incident, due to continued weakness in the economy, people are beginning to realize that the coin is money,nike tn officiel, began to spend those coins casually discarded in the past,moncler femme jackets, such as the change on the car, usually buy newspapers or coffee,doudoune moncler homme 2013, you can also save more than once to the car plus oil.Americans carry store from the perspective of preference banknotes, coins heavy, bulky and bad care, piecemeal, after a lot of people shopping in general, and the rest scattered coins on at home, and go out on the money with only banknotes folder,air max pas cher enfant, nothing is easy to use whole. But not all people are treated equally on the coins, such as washing machines, shopping vending machines and some other facilities generally accepted coins.

but only accept coins 25 cents a unit, so the United States is divided into 25 units of the coin is very popular.

the central bank said it will introduce measures to boost small coins of the currency. In the future, small denomination coins will be less than a dollar-based. Small denomination coins is the perfect system of currency in circulation,louboutin pas cher, and the International Monetary circulation system integration objective need. And the coin has a long life,hoodie abercrombie and fitch, low cost and subsequent finishing inventory easy to wear small advantages. Than in the case of normal circulation, the same as a dollar denomination coins and banknotes put into use 20 years of comprehensive cost approximately 1:15, and 20 years after the metal can still recover recast.For ordinary people,barbour paris, the acceptance of coins vary. North and south of the coin used for identity is not the same. Northerners taboo “poor chink”, love to use paper money; while the South moist air, people do not like to use paper money, more like coins. How to use the coins of other countries?& Gt; & gt; Australia: small consumer Common coinsAustralians are more or less hides a few coins in their pockets, which is related to Australia’s currency system. Australia 2AC radio Hu Fang introduced.In Australia, the minimum denomination banknote is five dollars, and five dollars or less are coins, including two dollars, one dollar, 50 cents and a dime, spending time in Australia usually 10 bucks or less used now notes consumption, while more than 10 dollars we often prefer to use credit card. In small denominations transaction, a five dollars in cash plus a few coins spending on Australians feel very convenient.Australia A lot of people in everyday life who must maintain a coin.