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the Beijing Yingke Law Firm that negligence causing death

(Reporter correspondent Liu Yan Chen Po) agricultural vehicles fled to avoid the city inspectors will be a 19 year old has been on the car fell off the car coordinators death. Recently,, driving agricultural vehicles Kongmou suspicion of negligence causing the death of sin to the Chaoyang Court indicted.

The prosecution alleges that,, April 13,,, 2011 at 8:00 pm,, the North Fourth Ring Road,, Chaoyang District,, Anhui Building roads in front, driving agricultural vehicles Kongmou to escape Chaoyang District Urban Management law enforcement escaping. At this time,,, 19-year-old Wang coordinators small urban management unit has been boarded shut agricultural vehicles. CDB process caused by vehicles Wang fell,, after the diagnosis of severe traumatic brain injury after she died. April 17,, Kongmou was seized by police.

The prosecution alleged negligence causing serious consequences Kongmou one death should be based on negligence causing death hold him criminally responsible,

Currently,,, the Chaoyang Court has accepted the case,, yet the hearing.


Why Kongmou suspected of negligence causing death, rather than traffic crime? Yesterday, the Beijing Yingke Law Firm that negligence causing death, refers to the act negligently caused the death of people. Traffic crime refers to violation of road traffic regulations,,, major traffic accidents,,,<a href="” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”>, causing serious injury,, death or serious losses to public and private property,, be held criminally responsible according to the law of criminal behavior.

Negligence causing death violated the right to life of others object,, and traffic crime is a violation of public safety. This case,, Kongmou apparently occurred due to negligence led to the death of the coordinators of the consequences. Violation of the right to life coordinators. According to criminal law,,, wrongful death at more than seven years in prison; less serious,,, imprisonment.

she was reluctant to believe that her husband has indeed died

Yesterday,, 11 years after the absconding accused Sketch standing on a dock in the hospital. Prosecutors accused Yang Jianzhong 1998 in Daxing temporary residence,, robbed and killed a black truck driver Wang, and arson burned his body,, on suspicion of robbery.

Raised 570,000 yuan to Wang’s family members of victims of civil compensation.

Defendant toward the victim’s family

Yesterday 11:30 Xu, Yang Jianzhong defendant had just been brought into the court, sitting in seats incidental civil plaintiff Wang wife and daughter rushed forward, toward Yang Jianzhong, after the bailiff in time to stop.

“The people suffer so much harm.” Wang wife cried. Wang’s wife due to excessive excitement, tremors from time to time, at the side of his daughter hold her hand tightly, trying to suppress a cry.

Prosecution allegations, May 2, 1998, Yang Jianzhong at the station in Daxing District in their temporary accommodation, using wire neck and shoved Le arson and other means,, to Wang died of suffocation, followed by cohabiting girlfriend together with the king corpse thrown to the nearby water wells, Wang snatched Santana brand cars,, cell phones,, pagers and so on.

Prosecution believes Sketch suspicion of robbery, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment to recommend the death penalty.

According to the case file shows that Yang Jianzhong had confessed his contract at the site of the project for a living, and therefore recognize the driver pulled alive Wang. Wang because of fancy red Santana brand cars, “want to use this car to run the business,” Thus,, in the May 2, 1998 in the name of the charter,, the Wang brought their temporary residence is located in Daxing District, right its implementation robbery.

The victim was drinking beer containing sleeping pills

In yesterday’s court session, Yang Jianzhong said,, because of disputes between the charter and Wang decided to carry out criminal acts. In their temporary accommodation,, Sketch the ground sleeping pills to Wang drank the pour beer. “Originally, he wanted drugs dizzy, just want the car,,,” said Yang Jianzhong,, Wang did not expect to wake up soon, and claimed to the police. Thus, Yang Jianzhong Wang got a wire reined neck until it choked to death.

Yang Jianzhong,, said Wang after the strangled, wanted in temporary accommodation Hui Shi gasoline, only to produce a lot of smoke and a pungent odor when burned his body. So he, together with Ji Xiujuan, taking advantage of the rain that night, the night will invest Wang corpse downstairs near water wells. Two flee.

It is understood that the incident 24 days, residential property in sewage wells and found Wang’s corpse.

2000, for harboring, concealing the murder,, was sentenced to seven years,, but Sketch has been on the run.

October 25, 2009, Yang Jianzhong is controlled Hebei home.

Yesterday,, the victim Wang’s wife,, son, daughter, raised 570,000 yuan civil compensation, does not agree to mediation, the court will fix a date on the criminal,, civil part of the sentence together.

■ Interrupted

Still do not believe her husband killed

Yesterday morning, the victim Wang’s 21-year-old son did not appear in court. It is understood that Wang’s son is a sophomore field read,,, family members do not want to delay their studies,, so did not let him in court. His family said he has been able to study at university,,, is its 22-year-old sister,, junior high school dropout, to earn money in return.

Wang’s daughter said, had a four,, living by his father to pull money, life is wonderful, but my father was gone, the burden of living pressure in the mother a person. So she decided to drop out of school,, mother and daughter together go out and do odd jobs to earn a few hundred dollars per month.

Wang’s wife has been widowed,, she was reluctant to believe that her husband has indeed died.

This series of articles written / reporter Zhang Yuan

Professor given in

● families: hospital medicine poor ethics bad cause I caused the death of children

● Hospital: family seriously interfere with the rescue and beat the doctor is willing to negotiate a frank dialogue

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter Sheng is quite) last Friday, 4-year-old ocean because of a sudden fever to Sanshui People’s Hospital for treatment; next morning,, regardless of how my mother cry, he did not wake up. Another six days is his 4 birthday,, but his smile can only stay on the photo of the.

◎ event playback

The boy died from repeated illness

4-year-old ocean enrolled in Sanshui Baini a kindergarten. On Friday morning, because of a sudden fever,, his family took him to the Sanshui People’s Hospital for treatment.

Small ocean’s mother Miss Lu told reporters that a small ocean was 39 degrees with high fever, to the hospital after the hit fluids until 5:00 pm. The doctor said the small ocean a little inflammation, requiring hospitalization. So,, the day 9:00, she organized inpatient admission, was a small ocean’s temperature was 37.4 degrees. 12:00,, small lengthy stay on the ward, and then start fluids,, hit 14:00, the temperature rise, not fall, back to 39 degrees.

“After seeing the doctor said, ‘all right’ and nurses to continue to give the child fluids and this time my son’s face more and more pain, but also began to twitch.” Miss Lu said she and other elders small ocean several times to find a doctor asking the child’s condition is normal, but did not pay attention. 17:00, the doctor a shot tranquilizers, then gave a small bottle of fluids lengthy fight. “This time,, my son began rolling his eyes,, the doctor was anxious, and sent him to the emergency ward rescue,,, but my son has started vomiting blood.”

According to Ms. Lu introduced, then a professor at Children’s Hospital of Guangzhou City People’s Hospital of Sanshui just to act, he also enthusiastically joined the rescue. “Less than one hour to rescue my son a little red face, feet will move.” But after the professor left, a small ocean’s condition began to deteriorate. Thus, the family requested the small ocean transferred to Guangzhou Children’s Hospital.

“I told the doctor to pound the table, as long as the people allow children to leave the hospital, even out on the dead,, they do not assume any liability People’s Hospital.” Small ocean uncle Lu Pei ball angrily said that the request met the families of Sanshui People’s Hospital rejected. To 1:00 pm on Saturday,, a small ocean end because she died.

◎ events progress

Demanded 1.6 million yuan compensation for the families of the hospital is recommended to apply medical identification

Families that “Sanshui People’s Hospital,” medicine ethics behind the corruption caused the death led to the small lengthy. Thus the past few days, has been to the hospital, “discussing.” “If doctors can fulfill that seriously diagnosed my son was in the end what disease,, a start with right drug, or as soon as we transferred to Guangzhou, my son might be able to retrieve a life.”

And when the person in charge of Sanshui People’s Hospital, told reporters that the hospital is not responsible for the death of a small ocean,, but because of its own had viral encephalitis, acute pulmonary edema, pulmonary hemorrhage, shock and other illnesses. “This came very dangerous disease,,, changes in a hurry.”

For the family questioned the hospital diagnosis was wrong, the official said, the process is completely in accordance with the principles of medical treatment,\”/, and is in accordance with the treatment plan, Guangzhou Children’s Hospital, Professor given in, no problem. Yet during the course of treatment, especially during the rescue, health care workers have been seriously interfere with their families.

“They broke into the emergency room, do not listen to discourage us, not only to take the mobile phone video camera, but also interfere with the behavior of the doctor’s rescue every time we give children medication,, they ask what drugs,, there is no use. Clearly , family members do not trust us very seriously interfere with our rescue work for children. “the official said,, because of the small ocean’s condition has been very critical,, life-threatening at any time after leaving the hospital,, and therefore rejected the family’s referral Claim.

“After the death of a child,, the family doctor has beaten us in this process,,, our medical staff have done duty requires that for mood families can understand,, always keep playing does not fight back reviled not!” The person in charge said doctor Dr. Li is writing a written report of the rescue process, the emotional control of the parents regardless of police presence,, a slap in the face fan of Dr Lee and mineral water bottles filled with water with Bash Dr. Li head. Resulting in Dr. Li was wounded neck, head multi-needle sewing, is still outside the hospital hospitalized.

The person in charge told reporters that at present a small ocean’s family has made a claim of 1.6 million yuan. The hospital is willing to negotiate with the families of frank dialogue, to resolve disputes,, but also suggested that the family through legal channels or apply Medical Malpractice to resolve the matter.

Accumulation was originally located on a mountain southeast of Cave ditch

- Villagers guess: the accumulation of body conceal the place was once the sulfur mine, might be buried in the combustion of sulfur in the following

- Expert analysis: The earthquake changed the geological structure, could lead to new fissures emerge shallow gas

Chen Xiang Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, this very severely affected counties in the worst-hit towns strange phenomenon: Dragon Village a mountain collapsed during an earthquake,, “fly” across the river on the other side to form a huge accumulation of body. From the earthquake to date, this accumulation body no ignition, has been out of smoke.

Long Village this smoking mountain, caused a lot of speculation in the local and even fears: Is like the movie “2012″ as a result of geothermal heat and melt the earth? This is not a geothermal warning?

After the earthquake the mountain from the southeast toward the north

Accumulation was originally located on a mountain southeast of Cave ditch, when the earthquake due to landslides,, landslides and other reasons “move” to the Cave north ditch.

The locals called the Cave ditch place in accordance with the understanding that a daily stream, meandering streams in the mountains before the earthquake.

After the earthquake, the southeast side of the mountain “over” and over, not just the northern part of the mountain buried in the trench side to form the pile, the pile body also had the clear stream buried Cave ditch about 500 meters.

Long Poplar Village Committee Director estimate: “Now may be three or four stacked area mu oh.”

Village such as Long after the earthquake accumulation body is actually not unique,, but more than two years after the earthquake, the accumulation body not only been out of the smoke, accompanied by the nose smell.

This continued for two years pungent smoke temperature

Dragon Village is a business trip asked Chen secretary heard of this place, loud Description:. “The choking smell very, temperature is higher,, approaching the hand dare put the rope.”

In about 300 meters from the accumulation of body, lived a dragon Village club villagers. More than two years, summed up the experience they have, can not stand within 10 meters from the accumulation of body range. “Standing over 10 meters in addition to multi-grilled people think.” Chen secretary wattage lamp is used to describe the temperature which shares smoke: “at least fifty or sixty watt.”

There can not be too close to an important reason is that this smoke unpleasant smell, its taste has been described as sulfur, some people feel like burning coal briquettes in the house.

A month ago the white smoke into the smoke

Recently,, some villagers sit still: “The original came out of the smoke is white,, a month ago, even the colors are changed into smoke, like a kind of home for cooking smoked!. ”

In this regard, the villagers guess, first place due to the accumulation of body conceal sulfur mine was once buried in the following sulfur burning. Furthermore, Long Ping a black soil with a lot of underground coal seams may cause spontaneous combustion of coal.

We can not figure out is why will last so long? Why the color of smoke month ago suddenly changed? So a new guess: This plumes from geothermal anomaly. But Aspen directly rejected this argument: “I do not think geothermal,<a href="” target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration: none;”>, geothermal smoke should be no taste, this has great taste the smoke.”

News & gt,,; & gt; & gt,,;

Sulfide may be spontaneous combustion

Yesterday, Chen Xiang Zhao Yong,, director of the Land line these strange bodies were piled survey. Zhao Yong said that the accumulation body is substantially equal to a hill, but a small local area smoke, wide 3-4 meters in length may be 70-80 meters.

According to the results of the site survey, Zhao Yong think smoke accumulation body is a natural phenomenon of spontaneous combustion,, from the smell and had a situation where the sulfur mine seems, may be the accumulation of body containing sulfide or phosphide spontaneous combustion. “We have to report County Land Bureau of Geology and Mineral stocks.” Zhao Yong said.

Expert analysis & gt; & gt; & gt;

Geothermal anomaly is a small possibility that the possibility of large natural gas

Beichuan landslide continued for two years out of the strange pungent smell smoke, what is the reason?

Regional Geological and Mineral Bureau of Sichuan Province Investigation Team, said Fan Xiao, chief engineer,, according to the current information can be learned,, he speculated landslide smoke and geothermal little relevance, it is possible with shallow underground natural gas related. But Fan Xiao also pointed out that tobacco smoke can not be confirmed because of the angle and depth of the heat,, and not a final judgment, “which shares the smoke if the temperature is actually relatively high,,, it can be considered a geothermal anomaly.”

Fan Xiao speculated Sichuan humid climate, the possibility of spontaneous combustion of coal is not large, possibly with underground natural gas related: “The earthquake changed the geological structure,, breaking activities may lead to new fissures,, these new shallow fissures may emerge natural gas. “Fan Xiao recommendations from a safety point of view, gas sampling,, to identify the reasons.

Glossary & gt; & gt,; & gt;

Geothermal anomaly

Ground temperature and the geothermal gradient areas significantly higher than the surrounding of the phenomenon. Manifested as ground temperatures are high,, diving temperatures are high, there is a special micro-climate plants and logo, with a special chemical composition of the groundwater, such as hot springs or geysers. Geothermal average warming rate of about 3 ° C / 100 m. Geothermal warming rates in different regions are different, close to the average rate of warming,, said normal temperature zone,, higher than the average warming rate of the region known as geothermal anomaly zone. Crustal plate edge, distribution of deep faults and volcanic belt, is apparent geothermal anomaly zone.

Tips & gt; & gt; & gt;

World of the tropics there are the following four:

★ tropical Pacific Rim: It is the world’s largest Pacific Plate and the Americas, Europe and Asia, the Indian plate collision boundaries. Many of the world famous geothermal field, such as the United States Gaiseersi, Long Valley,, Roosevelt; Mexico Cerro, Prieto; New Zealand pregnant December open; China’s Taiwan manger; Japan Matsukawa, etc. In this big mountain area.

★ Mediterranean – the Himalayas to tropical: it is the collision of the Eurasian Plate and the African plate boundary and the Indian plate, The world’s first geothermal power plant in Italy Lad Ruiluo geothermal field located in this tropical land. China’s conneted and Yunnan Tengchong geothermal field are in the tropics in this.

★ Mid-Atlantic Ridge to tropical: This is part of the Atlantic Ocean plate cracking. Iceland carat Vladimir, and the Azores and some geothermal field is located in this tropical land.

★ Red Sea – Gulf of Aden – tropical East African rift: It includes Djibouti,, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries in the geothermal field.

20 on September 25

● In the three siege, Lifeng Yu unarmed,, in place in a circle around dodge. About one minute later, also took the opportunity to grab one,, straining pulled down to the ground, dragged across the street to

● To stop the BMW car, Lifeng Yu desperate to lie in front,, trying to stop the car with the body,, but the other suddenly accelerated,, because inertia, he was thrown from the car roll down

All the gang composed by six minors were arrested,, has XingJu

With the shrill sound of the brakes,, three young men jumped from a BMW car,, they armed with machetes, sticks, electric car ride on a man attack. But the man did not fear,,, in the siege of three young men, who against the unarmed.

September 25, this scene took place in Chengdu Cherishing Palace Street South. A man riding electric car called Lifeng Yu, the day he witnessed a Maozei others stole electric car, help Zhuizei. Unexpectedly, the way was Maozei associates with BMW forced down to the ground, and under siege.

Yesterday, the Public Security Bureau of Chengdu Jinjiang College Street police station informed, three young men and their associates had a total of six people were arrested the day before all. Police said six people, all minors,,, specially rented BMW, Crown and other theft of electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, the owner Zhuizei brother load the wrong direction

runs a leather shop in arms into the street on the 26th. At 16:20 on September 25, after he finished goods under the electric car, the electric car parked in front of the store leather goods, to store looking for a customer’s phone number.

just walked into the store,,, the name of a BMW car lights turn right, slowly parked on the street outside the shop. Two young men from the car down, after looking around,, a person standing on the roadside lookout,, one quickly forced open hair electric lock. Then, a man who returned a BMW car, who is riding a lookout was forced open electric car.

Pirates of the electric car ride Maozei only a few meters away, it was found . He quickly rushed out from the store, while chasing barefoot and shout “catch the thief.”

Later,,, Caisong Peng said he chased after about 100 meters, a brother to see him run, and take the initiative to help carry him to chase. Unexpectedly the wrong direction, has been tracked Red Star junctions have not found one, Caisong Peng had returned.

Passers-by to help chase car thieves was forced down his associates

Cai Songpeng do not know, the other side, 30-year-old Lifeng Yu shouted at him, “someone car theft”, the just ride electric vehicles passing by here and saw the front of the car thieves. He “said nothing to accelerate to catch up.”

Because they are riding the electric car, the speed is almost always immediately after Lifeng Yu car thieves. said that when the other party rode into the street and Cherishing Gong Wu handover South Street crossroads, due to a red light, with people chasing behind, the other a sudden left turn, Guaixiang Cherishing Palace Street South.

Lifeng Yu turn followed behind with each other. Just when he was less than one meter away from each other,, thought to seize this car thieves,, a BMW car drove up from behind and suddenly, he was forced to step aside will fall to the ground.

Then, three young men holding machetes, sticks jumped from the car, rushed Lifeng Yu. Lifeng Yu thought, “Oh, there are accomplices.” But he did not escape,, but stood up, trying to figure out the chain from the box after the car in preparation for self-defense.

Empty-handed fight with criminals trying to use the body hailed

Hurry, Lifeng Yu did not find chains, too late to find anything in self-defense. In this case, three young men walked in front of him, waving hands weapon.

Police surveillance video shows three people under siege, Lifeng Yu unarmed, in place in a circle around dodge. About one minute later, also took the opportunity to grab one, straining pulled down to the ground, dragged to the side of the street.

When dragged the man to the street in the middle, the other two also rushing brandished a knife and hacked. In desperation, Lifeng Yu can only let go, deal with each other again. Soon, roadside parking is also open to the BMW car across the street, three young people find too many people around, on the train going to escape.

At this point,, Lifeng Yu has wrestled with each other for nearly two minutes. BMW is stopped, and he desperately lying in front, trying to stop the car with the body,, but the other suddenly accelerated, because inertia, he was thrown from the car roll down. BMW car and sped away.

Subsequently, Lifeng Yu was sent to the hospital. A medical examination revealed that his arm was chopped two, has also been cut off part of his right foot toe. Until yesterday, he was still in hospital for treatment.

BMW car is rented every 1000 yuan

Open luxury car is suspected of committing the crime is not easy

After the incident,, the College Street police station in support of Chengdu Public Security Bureau police detachment of the next maneuver, the day before yesterday the three young men and their associates were all arrested and brought to a total of six.

Zhong Yajie Interpol investigators said the six gang members from Suining, Anyue, Deyang and other places, are minors, the youngest 13 years old, maximum 17 years. Usually mainly in Dafeng,, Shuangliu and other suburban cities who commit crimes.

6 people accountable, starting from August this year, they specifically rented BMW, Crown,, etc.,, theft of electric vehicles. Once found, they will come up with a good weapon to prepare in advance robbery. The crime of BMW cars is their price of 1000 yuan per day rented. They said, drove luxury cars to commit crimes,, not easy to arouse suspicion.

6 people clear division of labor. 17-year-old Zhongmou is the boss, in charge of the gang playing room and board and organizational division of labor. Under normal circumstances, a thief car stolen goods prices are 600 yuan -900 yuan, lock picking and cyclists who can get 100 yuan each, and the rest all owned by the boss.

Currently, six people were arrested for robbery, has XingJu.


Yu Fenghua head wrapped in gauze, lying on a hospital bed in Hangzhou two eyes a little swollen, and some people still confused, one hand clutching his chest, where aching. Yang wife sitting bedside,,, holding his arm tightly, tears coming fast and furious.

The day before yesterday night Pingyao section 104 State Road, Fenghua open tour van was rear-ended at a red light when the car burst into flames. Yu Fenghua lucky to escape, but his 8-year-old son and a 16-year-old fellow died in the flames.

Let swim Fenghua heartache is: This is specially son received from the home side to elementary school, because they feel good here, the quality of education.

I did not expect is precisely the way to Hangzhou, accident, took his son’s life.

Crossing a red light, the van was rear-ended

Yu Fenghua reluctant headache recalls what happened, “I really remember much clear, too fast, too short a time, we do not know how the next car.”

The same can not remember the circumstances,, there was a fellow who sat Vice cab master, he said, he seems to be lifted off of.

Tragedy does not seem any warning. Yang Yu Feng-hua and his wife are Fujianese,, 2003 to Zhejiang Anji,,, travel Fenghua young and capable, in Anji opened a bread factory, the couple also gave birth to a son Xiaoqiu year. Children had been close at hand,, last year, they only then son back home in Zhangzhou, Fujian, read a year kindergarteners.

“We feel good teaching conditions Angelina here,, let him come back to elementary school.” Xiao Yang cried,, her husband is deliberately drove the van back home to pick their own children, as well as two fellow ride – old Vice cab was sitting in the seat, 16-year-old girl sitting in the back, taking advantage of the holiday to Zhejiang play.

Along the way we talked and laughed, the way they stayed one night in Quanzhou, according to plan, the day before midnight can go to Angelina.

“Yesterday around 23:00, we have to Pingyao,, late, two children asleep in the back of my car at a red light intersection, a car suddenly came from behind to hit,, too fast I do not know anything. “tour Fenghua barely said a few words.

Is how the car was on fire, and he does not remember. “I do not know how we got out of the …… fire up soon, I do not think for a few seconds, really too late to save.” Tour Fenghua said bitterly.

Rescue workers Zhao master: sit and watch the fire engulfed the child was too uncomfortable

Master Zhao road in the vicinity of the incident to open a tire repair shop, when he was squatting on the ground work. “I heard a bang, very loud very loud, I looked up and saw a van vacated fly up found that the tail also played a fire.”

Master Zhao quickly dropped the hands of the living, ran toward the car. “I saw a man on the driver’s seat,, head down, ass up,, stuck in the car.” Master Zhao forced open the door of the driver’s seat, the driver first rescued.

The car rear there is a girl, is stuck could not move.

“I went to pull her into his hand,, pulling less, want to open the passenger door, it opened up.” Master Zhao anxious, he said, only a little while,, the fire has jumped up, burned over the whole body,, he The hair was burning.

“That girl trapped inside, I watched, but could not save her, really hard, you can really no way.” Master Zhao said.

After Volvo cars rear-end collision, the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled

Yuhang police and fire departments rushed to the scene after the alarm quickly. After firefighters arrived, the van was still burning, although we quickly put out the fire,, followed by expansion and other tools rescued two children trapped in the back seat. However,, everything was too late.

After the scene,, the traffic police department found that the accident was a Shandong license Volvo sedan. “This car first hit a van on the main lane, and then hit the overtaking lane of Anhui license van minivan.” Traffic police department said that after the collision, the van and immediately burst into flames, and the driver’s seat Two men were rescued front passenger’s seat,, but the back of the eight-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl lost her chance of survival.

Firefighters involved in the rescue, said at the time of impact force is certainly a heavy accident scene debris everywhere. Which has been severely depressed small truck rear, the front is almost completely deformed Volvo cars, vans because the fire burned,, it is unrecognizable.

However, when the traffic police arrived, did not find the driver of the Volvo car accident, which can be determined to be abandoned the vehicle and fled after the incident.

Driver: fear of huge compensation, completely panicked

Traffic police department immediately started full investigation. Yesterday, 13:00, the driver probably heard of the traffic police department has contacted his family, gave himself up to the police station sandun.

Transferred to the traffic police department to bring the perpetrators to the police station, police immediately the first time he had a blood test for alcohol content. As of last night, the test results have not yet come out.

It is understood that the accident pilot was a man named Lin, 39 years old this year, Wenzhou Pingyang people. He said that after the accident, they are completely panicked, afraid of being hit, fear of huge compensation,, so he slipped away.

The specific circumstances of the accident, the police still under investigation.

Vans and large trucks

Most easily caught fire after being rear-ended

Car rear-ended in a car accident is very common, why the van was rear-ended so soon after the fire?

Has many years of road traffic police on duty to disclose,, the car rear-end collision caused the fire models are mainly vans and buses, because after the body, while the bus engine in the van after the vehicle’s fuel tank. “These two car collision may occur under severe fire, however,, it is still a very low probability of occurrence.”

And beneath the trunk now most cars are located in the rear of the car tank, if rear-end accident, the tank has a trunk protection, external shocks are buffered,, generally will not cause a fire.

Rear-end fire

Self-help is very important

Firefighters told reporters that such incidents of fire, the fire is often impatient, self-help and rescue the first time is very important. Whether it is the owner or the people around, to carry out self-help and rescue the most crucial point is to take the right way to control the fire.

Firefighters involved in the incident handling,, said sections of hair around the story of this uprising there is a river, when the fire just up, if someone could get completely soaked strip quilt shop in the train from the body, may be to win back the rescue time.

In addition, after the fire,, board staff must be calm,, quickly fled the most important; fled, think of ways to fire, so the car must be equipped with fire extinguishers.

However, the van accident, we did not find fire-fighting equipment.

holding iron bars

Newspaper correspondent Cao Chi Xia Meng Meng newspaper trainee reporter asked Adams

8:30 yesterday morning,,,, Xiangshan County,, bustling downtown intersection, two cars on the license did not rapid chase. Shrill sound of the brakes,, the “boom” is heard,, two cars coming together.

Many people looked at each other,,, is preparing drove up to see where a car suddenly out of four or five armed with iron bars, machetes man ……

Everyone was shocked! The next scene occurs, leaving them feel like they’re gangster film.

Bustling intersection three-car collision

Danfeng Road – Xinfeng Road intersection,,, Xiangshan County, the busiest intersection yesterday,, more than 8:00, five men drove through the intersection, armed Jiazou man and a woman before fleeing.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene,, the intersection brakes prints very clear.

Master Li is a security, the unit door opposite the intersection, he witnessed the whole process of the case.

“8:30 or so, I went to the unit, across the windows looking out from Xinfeng route south to north direction, two car quickly drove up in front of a silver-gray Nissan car, followed by more than 10 meters behind every with a white commercial vehicle,, a look that is in front of that car chase. ”

Empirically,, Master Li judge the speed of the two vehicles are 60 yards or more.

“One look right, I’ll stand up, be not enough time to go out,, came the sound of a crash.”

Go look, Master Li dumbfounded, not two cars collided, but three cars.

Live on the third floor near the king’s own sister who was on the windowsill to bonsai watering. She saw Danfeng Road and Xinfeng Road intersection, turn west to east direction after the red light green light,, a red four-way bus starts,, normal driving. This time, the south to north direction is red.

When the bus drove to the middle of the intersection,,, a silver Nissan car fast break through the red light,, crashed into the bus under the passenger door. Followed by a white Nissan commercial vehicle rear-end car.

“Pop” twice, three cars collided.

Five machetes male Jiazou Nissan car and a woman

A see a car accident, Master Li came to greet fellow intersection. A closer look, Nissan truck plunged in the bus under the passenger door,, the car airbag did not pop up. Through the window you can see a blur, a man sitting vice driver’s seat on the car seat is a woman, age is about 30 years old. At that time not many people inside the bus, no passengers were injured.

At this point, thrilling scene.

The last bike white commercial vehicle door is opened,, washed down forty-five young men. “Age are over 20 years old, medium height, holding iron bars, machetes, combative, right Zhunni Sang car to hit.”

Master Li said, in which a man wearing a white T-shirt,, facing the car windows meal Bash. Passenger seat next to the window was broken open, the man reached out from the car after the co-pilot opened the door,, a group of people forced out of the white woman.

At this time, the man opened the door on the driver’s seat came out, it was more than a young man Liantuo Dai pulled together into a business car. Subsequently, a pedestrian car fled north to San Fung Avenue.

See commercial vehicle drove away, Master Li took out cell phone alarm, you can just press the number, the crowd came again exclaimed.

Nissan car three men took a machete to escape

Master Li to see the original movement Nissan car back there, three more than 20-year-old guy, dressed in a yellow T-shirt, sitting on a car in the back seat. Commercial vehicle was gone, three people out of the car, pulls out a machete from the car trunk,, divided in different directions to escape.

To escape from the crash,, the whole process less than five minutes. It took a while, the car is not a movement, Master Li dare approached the military, I saw the changed shape of the Nissan sedan, also placed several knives and two pairs of different numbers of the license plate.

Street car chase kidnapping suspect is a debt dispute

Xiangshan police conducted an investigation on the matter,, police said Hwang Nissan car owners the debt relationships with others, creditors repeatedly Dunning accomplished. Yesterday morning, creditors gathered others for Hwang to recover. After Hwang traffic accident while driving on the way, and the same car together is one of the creditors woman forcibly bring commercial vehicle fled.

Yesterday around 15:00,, Hwang and woman with the car safely home.

Currently, the case is still under further investigation into.

the store only his wife and a waitress care

“Take this man a hundred dollars to buy buns,, I touched knew to be false,,, and he angry,, I will shop wrecked mess.” Yesterday around 10:00,,, Hefei Cooperative South and Wangjiang Road junction a breakfast shop was a young man thwarted. After warning the crowd that the man hurried escape.

Breakfast shop owner surnamed Zhang,, 20 years of doing business breakfast, where the shop also has six years. Yesterday morning,, Zhang boss busy in the store feel complete return on home to go to sleep, the store only his wife and a waitress care.

Around 10:00,,, a more than 20-year-old young man to a breakfast shop to buy breakfast. “He gave me a $ 100 bill, said three dollars to buy buns.” Zhang boss’s wife said and done years of business,, real money will be able to distinguish between fake money she touched it,,, “I feel like a fake , so with money detector pen an experience,,, it really is counterfeit. ”

Zhang boss’s wife gave this young man 100 dollars and said “this is fake money.” “Which knew he cried out loud for me,, I gave him this money is not the original one,, hard to say that I replaced the.” The two sides argue over,, the crowd more and more.

After being found with counterfeit money to buy buns,, the man angrily chaos hit the breakfast shop a pass. “In our two woman shop, I desperately stopped him, he sprained his hands.” Zhang boss’s wife told reporters that the store was smashed tables and chairs,,, placed in front of the bun,, served in a basin of Eggs have also been overturned.

Men’s move caused a crowd of dissatisfaction with the masses hit the alarm call, then the man mouth Bickering escape. Zhang boss come back and see the store a mess.

Reporters on the scene saw the shop was smashed oven, tables and chairs have been smashed,, Zhang boss and his wife are cleaning the ground,, ready to re-open for business. “This man is too rampant, and obviously he took the fake money to buy things,,, after being found to have smashed shop.” Zhang said excitedly boss mood.

After receiving the alarm,,, seven South police station to understand the situation, what is currently being investigated.

Our reporter Liu Yu Chang Zhao Qiankun only national water photo coverage