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(Reporter correspondent Liu Yang in succession), “Now, some people out of 200,000,, make your home a disability, 500,000 to buy a life,, but now I do not want to kill, so you get 500,000 guarantee you a safe, not expensive! Your best at 12:00 put the money ready, call this number: 1504406 ×××× “This is a couple to the province of a female deputy director of the Office of extortion letters sent!.

Weakness also owed 100,000 yuan debt

Zhang and Fang are over 20 years old a little young, ninety January 2002,nike classic air max nike, the two men through Internet chat recognize early 2003 established a relationship.

2008, Zhang and the side of a plan to borrow money to buy a piece of land in the field, the side of a borrowed 100,000 yuan from his father’s,baskets air jordan pas cher, but did not buy into land, two in turn borrowed money gone. 2009 New Year’s Day on the repayment date, the two are very anxious, thought to want to think of extortion.

Find online targeting female deputy director

Duo like the Internet, they use the Internet to find the province of a female deputy director of the Office of the relevant information, identified as targets of extortion. With two words,scarpe outlet online hogan outlet hogan rebel, the director is a woman,prix parfum abercrombie, young, achievements and so big, some money.

Thus,jordan trunner air jordan france, from after December 15, 2008, the two began secretly to rent a car to track this female deputy director. Before the 2009 New Year’s Day,, two clear of this female deputy director’s home address and family situation. After the ready, the two began planning to blackmail the female deputy director.

Mouth extortion letter sent to 500,spaccio aziendale moncler taglie moncler,000

January 7, 2009 morning,, the two wrote a blackmail letter attached to the envelope,,hollister sunglasses, and then came to the guard room female deputy director of the unit, so that the letter to the female guard, deputy director himself.

When the female deputy director of the letter is opened, the contents of which really surprised her, then she calmed down, thought it was a prank. As she prepared to put down this meeting, the office phone rang.

“Do not alarm, how do you consider? If you do not give money, then today is the car of tomorrow may be that people ……” the other side, then very threatening,abercrombie and fitch coats for womens abercrombie kids coupons, but two were called to her, female, deputy director also recognized to the seriousness of this matter, but she did not panic,peuterey kids aiguille noire de peuterey, her first language stabilize the two, “500,000 is not a small number, you have to give me a little time to get ready ……” and then took the opportunity to secretly fight alarm call.

The two sides “bargain”,, the amount determined at 200,000, and agreed a deal locations. However, in two rented houses in the waiting 200,abercrombie manteau ceinture abercrombie,000 ill-gotten gains, the man entered the room not give money to female deputy director,abercrombie and fitch liverpool abercrombie and fitch locator,, but police officers, both without a fight.

Recently, Zhang and Fang certain indicted on suspicion of extortion, Chaoyang District,polacchino hogan scarpe hogan rebel donna,, Changchun City People’s Procuratorate.

this is not true “I’m wearing a mask to class

(Reporter Liu Jie) quarters off the ceiling,, crushing the senior girls are reading Xiaohua (a pseudonym). Xiaohua facial scars need to do plastic surgery on the grounds, the Communication University of China claims court. Yesterday morning,acheter louboutin en ligne soldes chaussures louboutin, the Chaoyang Court Shuangqiaoshan court hearing the case.

8:30, Xiaohua and lawyers came to court. 21-year-old Xiaohua is a senior Department of Communication University of China in French students. She recalls, April 6,negozi hogan napoli stivaletti hogan, 2007 in the afternoon,hollister tshirt hollister womens hoodies, the workers quarters to overhaul the ceiling, “I was at the table reading, suddenly heard the workers ‘ah’ sound,, and I looked up and it was a hard object hit,woolrich trento, fainted.” The Xiaohua roommate to the hospital. Xiaohua said that wound healing in the three-month period, her mouth does not touch the water, you can not chew food, can not speak can not even laugh. In order to reduce UV damage,scarpe hogan interactive donna hogan scarpe estive, Xiaohua had to wear masks to school. And the construction side and two more schools consultations, Xiaohua not get a satisfactory answer,moncler donna costo moncler, but unfortunately their court, claims the late treatment costs 20,000 yuan,baskets montantes adidas chaussures foot mercurial, 100,,000 yuan in emotional.

Agents said the construction side,moncler giacca donna prezzo borsa moncler, Xiaohua without post treatment,moncler daunenmantel outlet moncler bergamo,, can not see right Xiaohua mental damage,, so do not agree compensation. A Deputy Director of Communication University of China Logistics, said the incident has verbally inform students before school cleared after the incident and construction to actively negotiate compensation. This is the name of the Deputy Commissioner also produced an agreement is Xiaohua mother and school construction agreements reached. Which agreed, medical expenses,chaussure de foot ag chaussure de foot a vendre, Xiaohua mother to Beijing costs borne by the construction side,, there are other treatments later also borne by the construction side; school is only responsible for coordinating the matter.

Xiaohua said that the construction side and school spirit in court that he did not get hurt,,air nike femme nike air max essential 1, this is not true. “I’m wearing a mask to class, to accept the strange look from behind; internship I went to the media, have often been asked how his mouth is going to touch the deepest one,abercrombie and fitch leather flip flops,, someone asked me if I was not congenital cleft lip..”

The judge said the focus of controversy is whether Xiaohua need to continue shaping and the accident caused her mental damage, both sides of this burden of proof, the court will prove deadline scheduled for February 20.

they also accustomed to this quiet life

Backed by towering mountains, plunging waterfalls clear head,, foot winding streets. Icheon City, Hubei Province stretches between the Wuling Mountains, a couple of years away from the hustle and bustle of nearly ten days, between the cliffs a natural parasitic Yanxi. They grow vegetables and livestock,, self-sufficiency, with 60 carrier long and tranquil stay together, interpretation of some plain, rock-solid true feelings.

This old couple lives together for Icheon, interpretation of a plain, rock-solid true feelings.

Sunningdale amazing cliff

Icheon City, Chaoyang Village Road Town seek, located deep in the mountains of Hubei and Chongqing border, where just across the river from Wanzhou District of Chongqing.

10, 2009, under the leadership of two local wizard, reporters trek in the mountains Maolin blocks out the sun,abercrombie bracelet abercrombie and fitch site, and along the narrow winding trails, after more than two hours, finally arrived in Road Town residents feel a bit strange to seek sunrise village. Wizard walked into a dense cornfield, hands pushing one way,hollister flannel shirts hollister uk westfield, turns downward nearly 10 minutes after sunrise direction toward a cliff will be presented in front of reporters.

Under the two boulders stacked middle,, there is a natural angle, stunning yes, below the angle is very flat, very flat angle below, forming a five hundred square feet of the ground, the angle of above have become a natural “pitched roof.” A row of huts mottled, close to the rock started. Before the hole is not a steep slope, Lin Shen Dohi, Guteng wound, and the roof of one meter wide waterfall, year onward. Chilly spring,piumino donna woolrich giubbotto donna woolrich, has become the most natural sources of water.

Some people visit the far distance, is connected to the spring to wash his face smiling elderly Niyuan Hui bacon, put down the live,, loud shouting huts husband to stand China.

78-year-old people are sitting to standing chalet “floor” to the window, I heard a year older than his wife call themselves, and quickly put on self sandals, thump thump came down. Chalet’s perhaps too long,misura scarpe hogan scarpe hogan vendita on line, a someone on the stairs,, feeling the whole house in the ring.

Li said to the people, the largest cave when there are seven families live. In recent years, other people have gradually moved out of the caves, recently home in more than a dozen kilometers outside the village, you can still stick to the old couple in here. This defensive, they keep nearly 60 years.

Beautiful promises and stick

One pair of nearly eight years late couple have three children,karen millen brand, can get support, why live in a cave not want to leave?

Under repeated questioning by reporters, elderly people to stand tells a long and beautiful love story. 18 years old, is gonna get married, because of the people who lives in caves to stand harsh conditions,baskets nike tn homme,, there is no girl who is willing to marry him.

A chance to know the neighboring village girl Limin Niyuan Hui, immediately she had unspeakable favor,air max requin tn vente nike tn, they asked people to matchmaking, the plan has met with opposition from other parents. So, to keep the people standing in doorstep every day, to help her family carrying water, farming,moncler bambino shop on line moncler mengs, over time, his sincerity touched one.

No suona, no dowry, no long wedding team, caves house affix a hi word, and thus, the two held a simple wedding. Wedding night, people stand in front of his wife to swear: “I can marry you, good fortune to repair past life, I must take care of you forever!”

After marriage, the couple a happy life, have given birth to two girls and a boy. During the day, they come down to earth crafts; night, in front of a kerosene lamp placed “Longmen.” A people love each other, enjoyable. “Feeling good sister was born, met with good like last year, a pro-mouth, this is still sweet.” Interview with reporters, to stand still while people smoked tobacco leaves, while humming a year old love songs, smiles in the deep wrinkles blooming. He said his grandparents lived in this cave, he was born here, married here, the couple will never leave here, if there is one person died first,mulberry bag care, the other will stick in the cave.

Send soul of the land

Caves lonely, almost isolated. When the outside world is more and more “exciting” when relatives and neighbors who have moved out of the cave, leaving only an old married couple, but the village still has not forgotten them.

When the national implementation of rural power grids, where the installation of lights, this old couple finally bid farewell to kerosene lamps. They also bought a new television set, the shelves of the television signal receiver, took a fancy to cable television, you know the world’s mountains outside. Now, they can still see the Olympics. Two years ago, the sons and daughters back to them to buy a cell phone. Interestingly, their cell phone signal is Wanzhou, giving the town a call and had to be considered a “roaming.”

The old couple body looks pretty good,giacche donna woolrich giubbotto donna woolrich, the front of the hill, tucked kinds of konjac, potatoes and other vegetables, they also raised three pigs,veste femme abercrombie abercrombie et fitch recrutement, 20 chickens, totally self-sufficient life. China is not good to stand knee, nothing to watch TV, feed the chickens, Niyuan Hui is everywhere and collecting pick pick,, cook, two old idea what they want.

With the rise of Icheon tourism, and slowly some foreign tourists,jordane pas cher air jordan en ligne, found the couple to live Limin caves, see here amazing, it was even suggested that the old couple’s big money buying this place, “property”, and want to transform, but have been elderly relative politely refused. “We are very welcome to visit the tea, but here are our roots,, our life, can not sell.” To Limin said that this is the land entrusted their souls, they also accustomed to this quiet life, never thought of change. (Chutianjinbao Ventura / correspondent Tanxin Jie Liao Bridge)

shortly after

The reporter Guo Xiaofeng Shi China correspondent cleft

In February, four young men driving a Jetta near Luquan City high school students in a high school interception in the past,, and to “scratch the car” and an excuse for its implementation robbery, extortion, within a period of time, there are seven in succession middle school students suffered “Pengci.” Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau and Luquan captured the four suspects, April 13, Luquan City Procuratorate formally arrested four suspects.

Black sedan pulled into the school gate

Around this year at 21:00 on February 17th, a middle school student Luquan City Southern and friends after a meal alone on foot rushed to the school, left school when he went to the door of four meters, stopped in front of a black car, the car down four 20-year-old young man armed with sticks. South clarify certain yet what happened,, he was punched and kicked the group,woolrich modelli woolrich replica, who was robbed of only 20 dollars after he was forcibly pulled into the car. In the car,, a man armed with a crossbow at him: “You hand scratched my car, compensation for 1000 yuan maintenance costs, give you money to pay your classmates call to borrow money, not lose tonight hit Residual you. “south of a fear of endless,,moncler rivenditori prezzo moncler, had a telephone call to a friend,mulberry patent bag mulberry bags in sale,, shortly after, friends rushed to the scene with 1000 dollars,york mulberry factory shop mulberry bags discount, South certain this to get out. The next day, in the south of a classmate,ballon adidas f50 baskets pas cher, accompanied by the Public Security Bureau, the village came to Luquan City vice squad report.

Six high school students while being robbed

February 20, in the same place, six high school students while being robbed.

That night, the school teacher driving out two,moncler collezione inverno 2013 spaccio trebaseleghe moncler, to visit a sick student, back to school way to see several students head down squatting stone wall, there are four young men carrying sticks around it meddling. Two teachers quickly stepped forward to ask, where a young man claiming to be school teachers allowed to patrol around the school,moncler lans, caught several students jump off the wall. A teacher immediately took out his cell phone to verify, several young men driving a black Jetta sedan quickly fled the scene north.

Later school teacher learned that the night school six high school students have passed by here, four people were cut under. This group of people to scratch cars and other reasons as an excuse,manteaux abercrombie abercrombie and fitch shop, armed with sticks, crossbows and other weapons to blackmail the students, the body belongings looted.

Four suspects were all arrested

It is revealed that the victim, the suspect opened the Jetta sedan, although the license has been blocked,mens abercrombie, but vaguely see the “Hebei J” word, it should be Cangzhou City license. Police task force investigation found that the recent capital from Changzhou to Jetta sedan has more than 200 vehicles, the panel identified the suspect from the car. March 15 morning, the police finally in the provincial capital west of East Jane Liang found traces of a plot suspect vehicle at noon that day there are two 20-year-old youth suspected of driving the car ready to leave when he was police control. They followed the students together with others confessed crime was robbery. According to the police account of the two men, in Xinhua District will be another two suspects were arrested. According to the police, involved four suspects,veste moncler homme pas cher moncler k2, aged between 19-21 years old, one of whom is Shijiazhuang,,26308.msg38372.html#msg38372,scarpe hogan vendita on line hogan by karl lagerfeld,, another four people from Xingtai. 4 people used when committing the crime Jetta cars for hire.

At 20:00 on February 23,, the gang is still within Luquan a man tried to rob, by its break escape. Police hope this victim speed and Luquan City Public Security Bureau contacted to identify the murderer.

April 13, police reported Luquan Luquan City Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of robbery,derniere mercurial crampons f50 adizero, according to the law of the four suspects.

her husband Tao help She went to the hospital discussion to say

Our reporter Wang Lin

Before ingesting pesticide suicide, has always been a strong show of Hui people to relatives and friends the impression that, ‘”has been trying to’ but still never get out alive.” Her family poverty ‘smart, studious’ full line of the first results to be admitted Graduate ‘but can not find work after graduation counterparts; when a child accidentally hit’ because there is no evidence not respond; want to save money mortgage ‘has been factory unreasonably deducted graduate subsidies. Although she believe in “Through the efforts of ‘necessarily Kujinganlai”‘ But in the “success” of worship in this era of single ‘Nobody has the energy to take care of a “failure” who. Her life struggle could not find a trace of shelter for himself in between the ideal and reality. In this sense, ‘Hui’s death’ is not she a human tragedy.

Lifelong struggle suicide

“She – straight very optimistic, strong, visionary,, but in reality the fight against all kinds of unfair before,, gave up.” Husband Tao summed up his wife.

September 15, 2010 in the afternoon,, just a mother Hui If you do not choose to commit suicide, it will break full maternity leave after ten days,adizero sonic predator adidas, return to factory work.

But around 13:30, just take a nap woke up her mother,vente air max pas cher air max 90 homme noir et blanc, Zhang Huiping found lying in bed, his face pale and no blood, limbs stretched out straight. Villagers who heard hastened to call the 120 emergency vehicles, and Hui simple rescue.

After the hospital, Zhang Hui directly advance the emergency room. Half an hour later, Chen Tao heard the news rushed to the hospital, the emergency room to see a closed door, mother of tears, slumped on the ground. After more than three hours of rescue, hospital declared Hui died.

Zhang Hui taciturn way to bring unimaginable sensation. She had the inauguration of Yaxing Chemical repeatedly in contact husband Tao, Zhang Hui wanted him to hospital during the production of documents and cases with a fee, to the factory, given reimbursement.

This is not the fate of this woman and the only open once a joke. In a short 27 years, Zhang Hui in reality the cracks shown by the “strong” and “stronger” equally prominent — grew up in poor families in rural areas, strict requirements on their own to complete their studies, suffering from pubic childbirth bonding separation endure physical pain, the monthly period continued to take maternity leave only 300 yuan for living expenses,abercrombie online, the couple unable to repay the mortgage income. Even in suicide morning, she and her husband tried to seek part-time job market, to support their family, was the employer of “highly educated” as an excuse, repeatedly refused.

Reality and the ideal tangle

Upon graduation,boutique louboutin france louboutin very prive, she refused instructors stay, she came to her boyfriend’s home, and firmly believe can find – copies of their counterparts in the work, to flex its muscles

In Heze, a closed small village, Zhang Hui spent here a full “superiority” of childhood — small academic excellence, she never scores among the best in class, almost every exam is the first Occasionally a second place is not a small mistake.

After Hui honors go to college, home to the little savings were taken out, and also to take a lot of patchwork, just gather the tuition. Professional Hui ideal fill in the College Entrance Examination in chemistry.

Because of family poverty, Hui-strapped school life is inevitable. She recalled from her college squad, the most impressive is the silence quiet, “may be the relationship between family poverty, she does not love excessive contact with the students, what difficulties, mind does not love to talk to others . ”

In plain college life, Hui has a sweet harvest enough: know now husband, alumni Tao.

That was in 2003, Zhanghui Gang junior year, even though the poor, when the campus love life is good. Often recalled the time of life, Tao inevitable sigh, the two happiest time together, is looking forward to the future together better.

Senior year, Hui attended the postgraduate examinations, the selected professional is still applied chemistry.

PubMed gratifying results, Zhang Hui to the entire department first results, rose to graduate school. Good news reached her hometown, in such a poor village, flying a “Golden Phoenix”, how exciting, joy. Hui glory for parents,vendita online hogan sneakers hogan outlet, for family luster, is the pride of the family and even the village.

Three years of graduate school life gone by, 2008 on the eve of graduation, Zhang Hui mentor retain Hui repeatedly in the hope that she can work at the school, have been Hui declined. Her goal is clear: to come Weifang life, rooted. Here is her boyfriend Tao’s hometown, they agreed together to live here.

Due to limited professional after professional counterparts in Weifang Hui came to work is not much, but towards life has always been cautious and even some “over the top” of her firm can not accept in order to seek employment, to abandon their own learning outcomes of these years. She wants to apply their knowledge, she persisted, convinced that professional counterparts can always find a job, to flex its muscles.

Yaxing Chemical’s finally time recruitment, Hui fore, the factory has become one of the few graduate students.

Ensuing accident

She felt too unfair to happen to them, but only , abruptly swallow.

2009 lunar September, Hui gave birth to the baby in the Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College, the family excitement, ignoring the pain of being tortured straight teeth of the young mother. After the birth of a child,nike jordan 1 flight air jordan pas cher france, Hui obey doctor’s orders,giacche moncler prezzi, has not been out of bed and walk around,abercrombie & fitch promo codes, and occasionally helped out of bed in the person’s convenience, will be a huge pain in the thigh and pelvis from between stimuli was sweating.

Attentive husband Tao found his wife’s strange, he found his wife in charge of deliveries for young women doctor checks. The doctor surnamed Wang Hui was questioned after characterized as “no problem, come down to earth to walk just fine.”

In both her husband and her mother’s arm, Hui effortlessly out of bed, barely gone for some time, and finally the pain out of the sound, then the state of his wife’s mother found really wrong, then the hospital for Hui made a B- examination, the results show that the gap between the leg and pelvis up to 2.6 centimeters, Zhang Hui is suffering from pubic symphysis separation.

Hui clearly remember that he had two health care during childbirth, one person hold down one of her legs were pressed to Zuoyouliangfang. After her buttocks at the sudden burst of giant thigh pain, “Gaba” look, we can no longer move the legs.

She believes that their probability of suffering from this strange disease clinical millionth only, not by chance, is that two health care with the help of her birth caused when excessive force when he is the victim, her husband Tao help She went to the hospital discussion to say.

Conscience good honest Tao can be blocked hospital word back: “Please come up with evidence.” There is no evidence, with the hospital to discuss only going to say give up. Hui originally invited to the factory five months of maternity leave, but because the risk of pubic symphysis separation,crampon adidas f50 adizero site adidas, holiday break full body still has not recovered, only to maternity leave extended to 11 months.

In the maternity leave, Hui salary is based on eighty percent of wages paid in the first full month of about 1400 yuan. The second month, the factory deducted monthly 600 month postgraduate grants, the next four months,site de chaussure nike air jordan retro 13, Hui month just to get seven or eight hundred yuan hand wages.

Original into the plant when the factory had promised two years ago within the factory Hui,, give her a monthly 600 yuan subsidy graduate and promised her to engage in research and development in the factory. Zhang Hui can before birth, has been working in the shop in the main control room, did not rub on the development side. Today, two years has not been to the factory and the unauthorized use of the subsidy is removed.

Hui grew more and more gas, letting Tao to the factory discussion to say, the other reason for her to move out of gas on aerated: Who told you this time to have children, the birth of a child is no subsidy. So do not graduate grants during childbirth, etc. Hui return to factory work, whether these subsidies reissue down it a few months,, the factory’s answer is also disappointing.

Zhang Hui and various factory happened in the past, was told by her husband Tao, the reporter tried to verify the factory, but the other side with “This is her personal behavior, there is no relationship with the factory,mulberry araline bag mulberry shoulder bag, nothing to say,” rejected interview.

The final fight

Coerced her fate, courage, continue to resist the blow from multiple hospitals and factory eventually yield and end their lives.

According to the original plan, Hui during maternity leave expires September 25, returned to the factory to work.

After the body is not fully recovered Hui-back units,, only the “Changbai” class, not the night shift at night. Listening to the same workshop colleagues say, this way even lower wages, hair hand may be more than 900.

September 15 morning recruitment, leaving her sad. Morning, accompanied by her husband Zhang Hui down to the job market, hoping to find a part-time, but go down one morning, her Italian employer, no one is willing to accept her, the reason is simple: Excellent graduate will not find here part time.

Tao carefully persuasion: “You do not when he was a graduate student, finding a regular part-time, for example, a salesperson, the promoters and the like, Zhengdian is the point.” But Hui is always immersed in his own sad experience, the silent.

After dinner at noon, despite his wife’s status Tao found some wrong, but for the life force, Dan Zhao heavy responsibility for their families to attend to continue to comfort his wife, a little less hurried to go to work. He absolutely did not expect that this seemingly ordinary parting, was actually a permanent life to death.

Many university students after learning Hui’s death, came from all directions Weifang. How they can not accept, the former outstanding, smart Hui how would choose this road of no return. More than sorrow is endless regret.

In order to recover for the death of his wife last dignity, Tao always go back and forth between the hospital and the factory, he has to say. But the hospital has no response. The factory who said that Hui’s death was her personal reasons,abercrombie and fitch and hollister, nothing to do with the factory.

October 14 afternoon, the reporter came along Tao Yaxing Chemical Plant, Personnel Director for Hui’s issue has always avoided. Then came downstairs called security, clear instructions when Tao Yaxing again,, to “strictly”, without the leadership agreed not arbitrarily “release.” Despite claims to the Office of the Director of Personnel in charge of the interview, but the office has repeatedly turned down, reporters waiting for half an hour,, they did not see the person in charge of Yaxing Chemical Plant.

there are more than 80 local cargo ships near the lock

Nanjing Kuni Kuni Hongshanyao brake is Chuhe and Anhui Yangtze river access only through the river gate, past hundreds of ships a day boats. However, from the early morning until the day before yesterday, this gate was more than 300 foreign cargo ships blocked the lock mouth,moncler piumini bambini moncler giubbotto, causing lock can not be enabled. Yesterday afternoon, the lock on the downstream stranded more than 300 cargo ships, ship owners worried.

It is understood that the cause of blocked locks, cargo owner is dissatisfied with the local foreign cargo ship lockage have had one,peuterey costo, “” privilege “”, which led to blocking the gate of contradictions. After emergency coordination Kuni departments,fabbrica scarpe hogan hogan interactive 2014,, intensification of conflicts before easing.

A large cargo ship stuck in the river gate

Yesterday afternoon, into the estuary of the Yangtze River Water Control Kuni Hongshanyao Management Department,air max noir blanche air max one rouge, where hundreds gathered anxiously waiting for lockage of foreign migrants. Many police to maintain order at the scene, to persuade the boat people to remain calm. At the gate to the front office from afar, cargo stranded stretches for several kilometers, about hundreds of ships, the vast majority of cargo from Anhui and other places, according to incomplete statistics,mulberry leopard, the number of foreign shipowners said that from early morning until the day before yesterday, this gate was blocked more than 300 foreign cargo vessels.

Lift the blocked gate thing, a boat Anhui to Ann membership Master Wang said,, he stranded five days in Chuhe, due to man-made waterway cargo ship blocked,, causing lock is not enabled, want not move cargo through their ships depleted food reserve. In particular,requin air max pas cher nike air max 1 essential, there is no drinking water the day before yesterday, the villagers had to walk to the nearby shore to beg for an emergency at home,chaussure futsal mercurial vapor i, I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to resolve this contradiction.

Foreign shipowners said gate they are often marginalized

See an interview with a reporter, lock management offices around the field to reflect the owner of a sudden came up, said the past few years, they have been traveling the transport of ore on this waterway. Let them unhappy is that every time when lockage through here, they will be subject to these foreign carriers “crowd.” Sometimes line up a few days finally got lockage number ready lockage, some local cargo ship approaching, these carriers simply do not line up, crowding the fairways will ship strong driving lockage. Faced with this situation, the lock does not stop the staff, but not coordinated. One asked, all these boats were forced to give priority lockage locals privately called “Plan ship”, the owner is a resident of the nearby lock, they do not line up has enjoyed “privilege.” Usually small boat lockage no problem, But recently, water transport stone into the season, coupled with low river levels, from the lock mouth had already slow boat speed, starting the day before yesterday morning contradiction here once again broke out, when more than 10 vessels When the field line up three days of Anhui registered cargo ship ready lockage, Kuni local carriers to jump the queue again encountered crowding, some long-standing grudges foreign owner, angrily upstream channel will be blocked leading to lock up, causing “Everyone could not walk” situation .

Public security, maritime, lock management side to communicate with the boat

After the event,, Kuni local water police station, Maritime Bureau, lock management side, immediately sent to the scene to communication and consultation with the boat, I hope you stay calm and do not make the grid behavior,, something can be resolved through consultation, pointing out that the gate is an illegal block behavior.

But foreign cargo ship owner Buyiburao,site officiel air jordan jordan immobilier, and wounded a police board to communicate. Yesterday morning, the locks on the lower reaches stranded ship together more, the local government is preparing to ship several working groups to do ideological work again,, you can actually dozens of foreign cargo boat on the shore,collezione peuterey 2013 spaccio peuterey milano, while several of the dock at the shore Local cargo throw throwing stones and bricks, and while several local cargo ship smashed glass doors and windows, a female crew on the deck to avoid the flash in Diezu body multiple fractures, was sent to the hospital after the rescue. Etc. When police arrived, the man had run out of sight of children.

After careful coordination to ease conflicts

So why do these local carriers have priority through the gate of the “privilege” mean? Lock management side Hongshanyao Hydro Management Office Secretary Wang said, does have local vessels priority lockage thing. According to reports, there are more than 80 local cargo ships near the lock, and every day from upstream to downstream priorities do not line up local carriers will be able to lockage only four,hogan sito ufficiale hogan 2014 estate, this “concession” soon followed for 10 years, because the lock near the boat year in the construction of locks, some sacrifice their land, some migrants contribute funding, material, sacrifice personal interests for the construction of locks, so lock management side gave every four local carriers do not line up to take care of the measures lockage. Earlier days, foreign carriers have resentment against the move in recent days due to foreign carriers turned several times,moncler pas cher doudoune moncler femme doudoune,, queuing time is prolonged, so foreign cargo ship owners began to concession holders against it, the day before yesterday morning’s events by blocking the gate This triggered.

After the incident, Nanjing leadership attaches great importance to the maritime sector,, has set up several working groups separately migrants do ideological work. Currently,hollister backgrounds, the boat mood has stabilized, the maritime sector for foreign migrants and let out a local boat acceptable solution as soon as possible to restore navigation on the stranded cargo ship urgently needed supplies of life, but also the spirit of humane point of view as much as possible to help solve, deadline date to yesterday evening, the reporter learned from the Liuhe district authorities, the communication of public security, maritime, lock management side and the boat for hours, now in contradiction cargo gate field eased, authorities are fully divert gate traffic.

tolls high

Newspaper reporter Bo Jianbin Hu could have / text Ma Ji / comics

Hangzhou,moncler trench moncler giubbotto donna,, Shaoxing Road near the intersection with the toro big Hu Dongyuan, downstairs there is a row of shops, opposite the bus station. Among them, there is a sale of sporting goods business, the owner of a shop here and when they headed. Outermost one is the shop,fitch of abercrombie and fitch, in the middle is the bathroom, go down to the bedroom, the innermost is the kitchen.

Day before 21:30 or so, madame achchen (a pseudonym) to go back to work, she parked the car, and the 12-year-old son, Junjun (a pseudonym) went to the store.

After the door, my son walked straight in, A Qingang open shops outside lights,air max requin, there are four young men with the room, they just looked at the merchandise after the achchen to tea. “Tea gone to drink mineral water, right? There has.” Achchen pointed his finger FCL wall of water at this time, a man walked forward, forcing achchen retreat to the back room.

Achchen was surprised, worse, run into robbed. After 40 minutes is Cry.

Proprietress of a repeat


Do not hurt me and my children

Man forced achchen back to the bathroom, then took her son to get here.

That man from the bag and pulled out a knife, in the washbasin click on cut off a chunk, shouted “Take the money come out.”

Achchen said she is very scared from the outset, has been told the robber, “Do you want anything, just do not hurt me and my children.”

Achchen say where to put the package. Robber from the bag and drawer, and found more than 10,moncler rivenditori moncler nuova collezione,000 yuan in cash, but they do not believe that only so little money, and began rummaging.

The robber took a knife who watched the mother and son in the bathroom, the other three people turned the whole house upside down, but also climb a ladder to the attic to find, even on top of the bathroom ventilation fans were also pry them down.

Not until they feel really turned cash, only to find the bag and from achchen fifty-six, let her tell the password.

“I did not consider the money, immediately told them the password.” Achchen said two robbers out of money, a robber care of the mother and son, and the other is still out to find the money.

I do not know the robbers enter the wrong password, or wrong took Zhang money card, not long after, one of the robbers ran in, loudly accusing achchen is not intentionally wrong password, but also come up with a knife.

“The password is right, you then try, try again.” Achchen repeated entreaties. After a child, they received a text message, the money has been removed.

Proprietress beg robber


Do not let your car

Robber took 20,000 dollars, and then a few people spoke for a moment, a robber out paper tape sealed Junjun’s mouth,adidas response,, hands and feet tied up again, in the middle also plug in a stick, Junjun bend became a bow.

Junjun very sensible, cry no trouble, not to talk back,, appeared to be very obedient, the purpose is to protect themselves. They threw Junjun bedroom, put to outside to her car.

Achchen one will be frightened, at first she said she did not want to cheat the other car,mercurial vapor 5, I did not expect a robber immediately said they were looking at her son to the store’s parking zone, said stare almost a month.

Seeing lie not in the past, achchen had knees pleading, a repeat took the money do not hurt their mother.

Robber see achchen kneeling would not, and talk a bit, dragged off the phone lines, just like in accordance with the achchen also tied throw on the bed on the floor. Take the time, also took achchen car keys.

Son with saliva knocked off sealing tape


Biting the hands of the tape to open

Mother and son were thrown on the bed at that moment, achchen fear to the extreme. “If they get involved, we are not that way and I kept ask them to leave until they closed, the fear remains.” Achchen said she was tied up,, unable to move at all, did not think his son was the first knocked off seal tape.

Junjun said, “I slowly spit out saliva, which will lose sticky tape, and finally I friction force in the pants, tape it off.”

Perhaps others can stoop skinny, their bow snapped a tie in the hands of the tape, and finally get out. Then he hands her mother with a knife cut the feet of tape.

Achchen frantically ran to the door, he saw a cyclist stopped him, he said he was robbed, let him help the police. The other began to think achchen crazy, achchen explanation for a long time, and help each other to believe that she called the police. 5,6 minutes later, police station came.

“This time, I have collapsed the whole person.” Achchen said four individual looks and features,,garanzia scarpe hogan acquisto hogan online italia, or the son of the police said.

The brother became suspicious


Out of the city to the nearest registration station open to

The brother of them, in Hangzhou drove almost two years. 23:00 the day before yesterday, that’s exactly what four robbers stopped his car.

“They took three bags, two small,nike air max 1 noire air max 90 pour femme, two large into the trunk and small into the back seat.” Zhang master remember, one of them said to go to Suzhou, anxiously asked how much.

Master Zhang thought, said to be 800 yuan. “They counteroffer 700, I said no, tolls high, and came back empty,, this business do not come.” Four obviously a little scared, a little meal, one of them said,, it would go to the East Railway Station .

“I think they look,abercrombie londra indirizzo abercrombie milano online, have doubt, listen to them so topsy-turvy to say more wrong, then I’ve made up my mind to go out of town to register to stand.” Zhang master quietly, thinking: own one, the other four, to fry.

Probably also out of the 200 meters,sneaker hogan outlet online borse hogan, four and backed out, one of them said: 800 to 800 bar, or go to Suzhou!

More of them are definitely his own judgment. He knows that in times of emergency, the registration station is his security.

Thus, Zhang master all the way to the nearest Gao Ting dam out of the city go through the registration station.

Registration stations in issue cypher


Must notify the PTU

Meanwhile, the Municipal Public Security Bureau command center of instruction has been reached under the traffic security branch. The first time, all eight out of the city of Hangzhou registration service stations have received this instruction, especially the scene from the nearest Gao Ting dam registered in the police station, it is playing the spirit of twelve.

In the east of the city public security bureau traffic command center, the monitor screen to the location of each registration station is located. Duty police in the heart repeatedly talking about the physical characteristics robber.

Ten minutes after the command is given, of them are open to the car Gao Ting dam registration station entrance.

Chou Guangfu from monitoring inside noticed the car down the four individual physical characteristics very similar. He immediately issued a reminder to Gao Ting dam registration station.

Gao Ting dam registration stations a total of four police officers on duty, they are seasoned veterans. “Four pairs of four? No,hogan uomo estate prezzo scarpe hogan uomo, not the superior force.”

Subsequently, four people get off work out a cigarette and handed one on duty who registered station. “When he handed cigarettes, hand kept shaking.”

The person on duty towards registration station room colleagues made a motion agreed cipher,air max 1 essential homme air max pegasus, that means: must notify the reinforcements,, called the PTU!

5 minutes later, PTU police car roaring, the pond and Gongsu criminal police also rushed to the big, four robbers were around in the registration station inside.

Three bag, stolen goods are in, 30,000 in cash, necklaces, earrings.

They are from Henan Province, Mr. Han, born in 1990; Yang, born in 1988; Hwang, born in 1994; Liu, born in 1995.

Night after police interrogation, they initially say the motive: a loss of business at home, you want to get some money, eyeing the relatively remote location of this sporting goods store some days. Currently, four have been XingJu, the case is under further investigation.

(Original title: mother and son face four robbers strong self-help)

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